On the Patient Engagement Trail at HIMSS13

The 8 Commandments of Meaningful Use Penalties for EPsHIMSS13 Commentary by Jim Tate
Twitter: @JimTate

HIMSS……….it almost seems mythic. The annual pilgrimage of the faithful to the Holy Mountain where the tablets of All That is New and All That is Relevant will be revealed. It doesn’t matter if the water is unfit to drink or if the wait for a taxi is too long. None of that matters. What matters is to be among the Faithful and receive the Blessing.

Last year was the first year I missed HIMSS in seven years. I was at Disney World with my family and I’m glad to report we achieved Stage 1 Meaningful Fun. I can honestly attest to that and would be glad to provide the credit card statements as documentation if an audit it required.

I started my list of priorities for the conference this year three weeks ago. That list has been modified and pared down too many times to count. My final list, or battle plan, includes the usual subjects. I always want to know the latest on Meaningful Use and EHR certification so I’ll be checking that out. Social Media, I’ll be at a few of those also. The opportunity to see in the flesh those that I respect and communicate throughout the year is a giant plus. But something new has my interest this year in a big, big way. Patients. Patient engagement and advocacy. The patient is no longer a sideshow at the big healthcare technology conferences. The patient is now visible and its about time. This year at HIMSS I’ll be on the trail of those who are becoming the voice of the Patient.

Jim Tate is founder of EMR Advocate and a nationally recognized expert on the CMS EHR Incentive Program, certified EHR technology and meaningful use.