NY Patient Portal

New York Voted on Patient Portal Design

As we reported last week, the New York eHealth Collaborative (NYeC) asked New Yorkers to help shape the State’s Healthcare future by voting on their favorite Patient Portal designs. The Portal will give New Yorkers across the state access to all of their medical records from their various healthcare providers safely and securely, similar to online banking. The voting was open through Tuesday and finalists have been selected. The NYeC plans a Patient Portal for New Yorkers Finalists Presentation Day in NYC April 30th.

Earlier this year, NYeC sponsored a Design Challenge for designers and developers to submit portal prototypes for New Yorker to access their personal health information. From those designs, the NYeC asked New Yorkers to vote on the designs they liked best. Thousands cast their votes and selected the nine remaining finalists. Finally, the Design Challenge will now culminate in two Presentation Days—one in New York City on April 30 and one on May 2 in Buffalo—where the finalists will demonstrate their products and judges will select the top three winners. Winners will be announced on May 13.

The NYeC will present and interview the nine finalists from the public voting phase of the Patient Portal for New Yorkers Design Challenge at the Presentation Day. The finalists will present their products before a distinguished panel of experts and first, second, and third place will be awarded as a result. This will conclude the Patient Portal for New Yorkers Design Challenge.

A panel of healthcare providers, hospital leadership, public advocates, entrepreneurs, public officials, IT experts, and industry leaders will judge the patient portal designs in an interactive session. The panel of judges at the New York City event includes:

  • Corinne Carey, Assistant Legislative Director for the New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU)
  • Philippe Chambon, Managing Director at New Leaf Venture Partners
  • Rebecca Mitchell Coelius, MD, Medical Officer for Innovation, ONC Office of Science and Technology
  • Dr. Wen Dombrowski, MD, Health IT Social Media Leader
  • Sarah Krug, President of the Society for Participatory Medicine
  • Dr. Amanda Parsons, Deputy Commissioner of Health Care Access and Improvement at the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH)
  • Dr. Michele Reed, D.O., MS Family Medicine Health Care, P.C.
  • Martha L. Wofford, Vice President and Head of CarePass for Aetna

At the event, the nine finalists will present a 5-minute demo of their portal, answer questions from the judges, and interactively demonstrate key product features. Brief video demos of their products are available at patientportalfornewyorkers.org. The nine finalist companies are:

  • AMIS
  • ClarityHealthJournal
  • GenR Media
  • iHealthNY
  • Mana Health
  • MyHealthProfile
  • OmniMD
  • VIP Patients