NursesNOW Roundup December 2022

Looking to keep your finger on the pulse of the nursing industry? Check out this month’s top nursing news stories from around the globe.

As 2022 and year two of the most challenging times for nurses comes to a close, let’s not forget all nurses have done and sacrificed. Remember to thank a nurse this holiday season!

Spotlight On

Physician and Nurse Informatics Collaboration Boosts Clinical Practice, Engagement, and Overall Digital Experience
Physician and nurse informatics specialists typically practice within their respective disciplines. Little has been published on the power, best practices, and opportunities for these essential resources to train, partner, and collaborate for optimal effect within larger healthcare organizations. But recently, the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society’s (HIMSS) Physician and Nursing Informatics leadership committees jointly analyzed these specialties further by evaluating the current and future synergies and possible alignment for physician and nursing informatics.

Nursing Informatics Bootcamp with Dr Newbold
March 10 – 11, 2023 | Chapter Event | HIMSS Central and North Florida Chapter
Intensive two-day course focused on current informatics trends and issues. It includes content for registered nurses who are interested in becoming American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) board certified informatics nurses. Other clinical professionals working in informatics may wish to take the course to become exposed to the course topics. More information here.
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In The News


The American Nurses Association (ANA) is the premier organization representing the interests of the nation’s 4 million registered nurses. ANA is at the forefront of improving the quality of health care for all. Founded in 1896, and with members in all 50 states and U.S. territories, ANA is the strongest voice for the profession. Follow them on Twitter @ANANursingWorld

American Academy of Nursing

The American Academy of Nursing serves the public and the nursing profession by advancing health policy, practice, and science through organizational excellence and effective nursing leadership. The Academy and its members more than 2,700 members, known as Fellows, create and execute knowledge-driving and policy-related initiates to drive reform of America’s health system.. Follow them on Twitter @AAN_Nursing 

The American Association of Nurse Practitioners

The AANP empowers all nurse practitioners (NPs) to advance quality health care through practice, education, advocacy, research and leadership. AANP is a community  for NPs, NP students, and individuals or organizations interested in the NP role.  There are currently more than 109,000 members. AAP is working to improve patient care and advance NP practice. Follow them on Twitter @AANP_NEWS

American Organization for Nurse Leadership

As the national professional organization of more than 10,000 nurse leaders, the American Organization for Nursing Leadership (AONL) is the voice of nursing leadership. Previously known as the American Organization for Nurse Executives (AONE), the organization changed its name in 2019 to better align with its core mission to shape health care through innovative and expert nursing leadership and vision of nursing leadership—one voice advancing health. Follow them on Twitter @tweetAONL

National Association of Neonatal Nurses

NANN is a community of registered nursing professionals at all stages of their careers who care for newborn infants born with a variety of health challenges, including prematurity, birth defects, infection, cardiac malformations, and surgical problems. For more than 30 years, NANN has supported its members and advanced the profession by providing opportunities for members to influence care for neonates and their families, collaborate with leaders and peers in their field, and gain knowledge to improve their daily practice. Follow them on Twitter @NeonatalNurses.

To Read

HealthcareNOW Radio’s Nurse Lauren

Nurse Lauren is HealthcareNOW Radio’s content contributor for NursesNOW. Her passion for pediatrics led her to become a newborn/infant ICU nurse at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Temple Health. Nurse Lauren, RN, is an avid gym goer and health advocate who enjoys improving the well-being of others through fitness and nutrition. She is a proud graduate of Drexel University’s College of Nursing and Health Professions (@DrexelCNHP) and Choate Rosemary Hall (@goChoate.) Check out her blog posts and Wellness Wednesday tips.

What are some predictions and trends in nursing we may see in 2023? Check out these different lists and note the most concerning is the inevitable nursing shortage.

The Nursing Shortage: Looking Ahead to 2023 from
Statistics show the nursing shortage is still a crisis, but 2023 could be a turning point. Front-line nurse don’t need numbers to know that the nursing shortage is wreaking havoc on their workplaces. Nevertheless, the data do make a convincing case that it’s past time to get serious about making changes. And in 2023, recruiting and retaining good nurses could be the most critical area of focus in determining a hospital’s success. Numbers tell a dire story. 

10 Major Nursing Industry Predictions For 2023 from
It’s no secret that the nursing industry has undergone some challenges in the past couple of years. (Understatement of the century, perhaps?)’s State of Nursing Survey from 2021 revealed some hard facts from nurses themselves, such as the fact that:

  • 87% of nurses surveyed were experiencing burnout
  • 58% of nurses felt unsafe at work in the past year
  • 84% believed they were underpaid
  • 83% reported that their mental health suffered
  • 77% felt unsupported, while 61% feel unappreciated at work

Clearly, some things need to change for the nursing industry to not only survive, but for nurses to thrive once again in a career that can—and should be—an important, fulfilling, and rewarding one that benefits both those who choose it and the patients they serve. The future of nursing doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom, so let’s take a closer look at some of the top 10 predictions for what the nursing industry might hold.

Nurses Predict Nursing and Healthcare Trends for 2023
According to NurseJournal (@nursejournal)Identifying healthcare trends for 2023 can help nurses prepare for innovation and change. Discover which trends may have a significant impact on nursing care.

Looking Forward: 2023 Events