New Health Products – there’s an app for that!

IMG_7004According to Markets and Markets the mHealth solutions market is poised to reach USD 59.15 Billion by 2020, growing at a CAGR of 33.4% during the forecast period of 2015 to 2020. mHealth Solutions Market growth can be attributed to the increasing penetration of smart gadgets, increasing utilization of connected medical devices and mHealth apps in the management of chronic diseases, rising healthcare costs creating a need for more affordable treatment options, robust penetration of 3G and 4G networks to provide uninterrupted healthcare services, and rising focus on patient-centric healthcare are expected to drive the growth of the mHealth Solutions market during the forecast period.

Here are four of the latest healthcare apps hitting the internet stores for patients and doctors.

New software allows providers access to a fully integrated Warfarin monitoring solution
The latest cloud based application from BBMK Technologies, ClotMD, enables efficient real-time management of Warfarin.  With the ClotMD app, the connection needed between patient, physician, and INR monitoring provider is made simple.

“As a healthcare technology company, we are always looking at how healthcare services are delivered now – and work to develop innovative solutions for tomorrow. In today’s challenging reimbursement climate, healthcare organizations are exploring myriad ways to streamline needed care delivery. With ClotMD, healthcare organizations big and small can improve patient outcomes while improving their bottom line.” -Michael Kutsak, CEO of BBMK Technologies.

Physicians can now choose their mobile notification option
Royal Solutions Group (@Royal_Solutions) in collaboration with Radiology Ltd. (@RadLtd) has enabled mobile access within their RoyalMD® Provider Portal, so physicians can now choose from different mobile notification options, including popup and vibrate alerts, right on their current mobile devices.

“The Royal MD Mobile application is a game changer by alerting and delivering imaging reports to physicians on the run. This allows physicians to review and act on their patients’ reports at anytime. This is a powerful way for radiology groups to enhance the services they provide for referring physicians.” – David Jeck, M.D., President, Radiology Ltd.

Want to reduce stress and increase calm?
Discover Calm. Looking for a way to in-the-moment diagnose what stresses you out? This wearable, real-time wellness app can anticipate when you are stressed, where it happens and what you were doing. The Spire device (@spire_inc) is available now nationwide in Apple retail stores.

“The direct correlation of mindfulness to overall health and wellness cannot be overstated. Breath sits at both our conscious and subconscious, making it the best tool to increase mindfulness….More importantly, Spirenow learns more over time and predicts moments of tension before they occur. Spire also recreates your calmer moments, reminding our users of activities, events, and pictures they took during those periods to improve their state of mind.” – Neema Moraveji, Ph.D, co-founder and chief scientist at Spire.

HealthKit, the framework for Apple’s Health app, will soon be able to request documents
The Next Web (@TheNextWeb) details how Apple (@AppleNews) is making it possible to access your medical records from your iphone iOS 10. If your doctor has digitized your paperwork, this app is a patient-friendly way to access your records.

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