MIPS Reporting for 2018: What Providers Can Do to Optimize Success

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Guest: Dr. Sanjay Seth, Executive Vice President at HealthEC

As part of our new radio show, InterviewsNOW, I had the opportunity recently to chat with Dr. Sanjay Seth of HealthEC about optimizing MIPS reporting in the coming year.  The focus of this show is to shine a spotlight on industry leaders who can offer their insights and some advice on the topics impacting physicians and hospitals.

Dr. Seth covered a lot of ground in our 30 minutes together and addressed the following questions. You can listen to or download the podcast below.

  1. As we begin the New Year, what should physicians be thinking about for the 2018?
  2. Assuming you have a good EHR/billing system, which quality measures should you consider to submit?
  3. What happens if a provider works for two different organizations in a report year?
  4. How can providers use 2017 performance to build on and plan for 2018?
  5. How do the changes in the Final Rule for 2018 make the program less difficult for provers?
  6. As it relates to 2018, what are the key challenges and opportunities for providers?
  7. Why is the 2018 scoring methodology creating confusion?
  8. What can providers do to be more proactive in tackling the cost measure, and particularly since cost will continue to play a bigger role as the years’ progress?


About the Show
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