Meaningful Use Objectives for EPs: The Details

Meaningful Use Objectives for EPs

Jim Tate
HITECH Act EHR Certification Expert

So now that we all understand Certified Technology (more or less) what is next on the path to the CMS EHR Incentives?

The Stage 1 Core and Menu Set Objectives for EPs incorporate a total of 25 Measures that are the basis for demonstrating Meaningful Use and the EP’s ability to become eligible for the CMS Incentives. It seems simple enough. 15 from column ‘A’ and 5 from column ‘B’  and here comes the check. What could be easier? A closer looks reveals, as always, that the devil is in the details. Which measures can be excluded? Under what circumstances? And what is this business about the requirement that pediatricians must report Quality Measures that include patients over the age of 50?

It is time to take out the magnifying glass and examine every Stage 1 Meaningful Use objective for EPs.  HITECH Answers, the creator of the largest online resource center for EPs and EHs, will be sponsoring presentations beginning this week: Meaningful Use Objectives – Event Series for Eligible Professionals.

Join me as I climb on my soap box and examine the details and nuances of each of  objectives. The series will take place over 5 nights as we explore the depths of Stage 1 MU objectives.

You can view this 5 part series on our HITECH Answers YouTube Channel.