Meaningful Use and the One Minute Video

Jim Tate
HITECH Act EHR Certification Expert

Meaningful Minute by QuantiaMD

Stage 1 Meaningful Use is happening.  The start of attestation is just days away.  The first checks for Eligible Professionals will be sent 4-6 weeks following attestation.  Now is the time for all EPs to understand the process for using certified EHR technology to achieve meaningful use.

As the Meaningful Use expert for HITECH Answers, I’ve been asked by QuantiaMD to present their “Meaningful Minute,” an ongoing series of one-minute videos aimed at helping physicians understand what it means to be a meaningful user of certified EHR technology. On the surface it seems explaining the complexities of meaningful use through a one minute lens would be difficult but it’s been a great surprise to see just how effective these segments are in delivering quality content in a short timeframe, a tremendous value for physicians with little time. You can view the first segment here: Meaningful Minute

Beyond their Meaningful Minute segments, QuantiaMD is a tremendous resource for any physician looking to engage with respected experts delivering daily unbiased content in a concise, interactive format. What follows is more information about this tremendous resource.  Check it out.

QuantiaMD brings physicians together with interactive educational content

Today’s physicians face extraordinary performance pressures. The challenge of integrating ongoing learning into the delivery of quality care is compounded by tremendous demands on their available time and attention. They need a quick, convenient solution to guide them on topics critical to their daily practice.

QuantiaMD is a mobile and online physician community designed to address clinicians’ unique learning needs. Educational content is delivered in concise, interactive 5-8 minute narrated presentations that allow physicians to transform brief periods of downtime into productive, enjoyable learning experiences. QuantiaMD also offers physicians maximum convenience and productivity via content, tools and resources that are accessible 24/7 on-demand via smartphone, tablet, personal computer or point-of-care mobile device.

Along with presentations on a variety of clinical topics, QuantiaMD provides education on practice performance topics, including RAC audits, coding and billing, HIPAA compliance and meaningful use. Drawing on the input of more than 100,000 physicians and other medical professionals, respected experts develop and deliver this content which is designed to respect the valuable time of physicians. This platform provides QuantiaMD members with an opportunity to connect with their colleagues across the country, benefit from their expertise, and – through ratings and discussions – experience a dynamic, collaborative forum for peer validation and feedback.

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