March 2023 Health IT Marketing Minutes

What makes marketing in the health IT space unique? Who are the movers and shakers? What’s working, what’s trending? Where can you learn more? This monthly roundup post will focus in on all things health IT when it comes to marketing.

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6 takeaways from a HITMC first-timer – Aaron Ogg, from ClarityQuest (@CQmarketing) writes, I’m just over a month past my first Healthcare and IT Marketing Community (HITMC) conference in Las Vegas. Several pearls of wisdom have stuck with me since – some industry-specific, others more existential. The event had something for everyone in the healthcare IT community between the top-notch presentations and workshop activities. I look forward to attending my next one. In the meantime, here are my six key takeaways from my educational and fun time in Vegas.

7 Health Care Content Marketing Strategies That Actually Work – Jessica Wells, Senior Writer & Editor at Brafton (@Brafton) says, In today’s digital age, the health care industry is facing an ever-growing challenge in terms of reaching out to their target audience and promoting their services effectively. But with the right content marketing strategy in place, health care providers can establish themselves as trusted authorities and connect with patients in a meaningful way. That’s why we’re diving into the top 7 health care content marketing strategies that have been proven to drive results.

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It’s Public Relations, Not Perfect Relations – Amy Roberts, VP of Communications & Client Services at KNB Communications (@KNBComm) writes, There’s an old public relations proverb that goes something like this: No press is bad press. While this statement is not universally true (just ask Harvey Weinstein), the reality is savvy companies capitalize on more media opportunities than they reject. While it’s important to ensure you are not setting yourself, your colleague, or your company up for failure (or embarrassment), and it’s not advisable to accept an interview you’re totally unqualified for, too often organizations decline reasonable or key message-adjacent media opportunities to their own detriment.

A Lesson in Patient Inclusivity at Healthcare Conferences – Colin Hung (@Colin_Hung) – The recent HITMC23 conference was a tremendous success, but as an organizer I felt I could have done more for the patients who spoke at our event. To address this personal failure, I asked for input and advice from the HCLDR community on Twitter on how we can improve. Ideas that emerged included: asking patients what accommodations they need while onsite, having a designated liaison for patients, and highlighting patient sessions at the opening.

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7 Pro Tips to Make Your Pitches Stand Out in 2023 – Andrew Petro at Matter Communications (@MatterComm) says, The end of 2022 saw layoffs and hiring freezes hit media companies, amid declining advertising revenue and recession fears. CNN laid off hundreds of staffers, NPR announced a hiring freeze and the Washington Post eliminated its Sunday magazine. The list goes on. Journalists were already stretched thin before these cuts. According to MuckRack’s 2022 State of Journalism report, the average journalist covers four beats (up from three in 2021). As news media consolidation continues, this means fewer outlets, leaner staff and constantly shifting focus areas for reporters. These macroeconomic factors heighten the importance of thoughtful media relations. Afterall, it’s our job to be a resource for journalists – not a nuisance. Here are seven best practices for thoughtful media relations in 2023:

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Cheetah Learning Engages Amendola for Strategic PR Services
Amendola (@AmendolaCommannounced that Cheetah Learning, a leader in Accelerated Exam Prep for the Project Management Professional exam (PMP®), has selected the firm to highlight the need for more PMP-certified professionals to manage healthcare projects.

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2023 Healthcare Technology Marketing Guide: Marketing and Selling to the Health System CIO – Technology buyers and decision-makers at health systems and hospitals are craving vendor partners that not only bring a trusted solution, but truly understand their unique, critical challenges. They are bombarded daily by vendors aggressively selling their products, and by administration and medical staff who have dire technology needs to better serve patients. How can marketers not just break through to this audience but create long lasting customer engagements? The answer: by deeply understanding where and how they prefer to learn about new technologies, what they want from a vendor, and what influences their buying decisions.

Urgent Care Marketing 101 – free, online marketing eBook from Experity (@ExperityHealth)
An urgent care clinic, like any business, is only profitable if patients continue to use its services over time. Unfortunately, many urgent care facilities have a restricted marketing budget, which can severely limit new business volume and community engagement. According to Andrew Ibbotson, Vice President of the National Research Corp. in Nebraska, “Urgent care traffic is driven more by online search results, geography, wait times, and availability than traditional healthcare delivery.” These added complications make identifying the most effective marketing strategies for your walk-in clinic even more essential to success.


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