Look who’s blogging now

On Wednesday, October 28th, Judy Sparrow was the first to post on the new Federal Advisory Committee blog. The HIT Policy and Standards Committees are the ONC’s two advisory committees. Judy is the liaison between the committees and the ONC. Her post explains the history of FACA and the intent of the new blog. “In the spirit of transparency and collaboration, this blog will help ONC’s FACAs open a broader dialogue with you”, she writes in her post. This will be a direct way for the public to comment on the work being done in the committees. It is already getting a steady stream of comments.

And who will be posting on the blog? Already we have heard from Aneesh Chopra on “pulling forward the benefits of Health IT” and Dr. John Halamka on “what is a standard”. Both well worth the read.

Look for the blog to keep us updated on the committee’s activities as well as insights on the directions the policies are taking. We have added the blog to our Related Blogs under “ONC Blog”.