Labor Day 2023

Labor Day, celebrated annually on the first Monday of September, serves as a powerful reminder of the immeasurable contributions of the workforce to our societies. Beyond its role as the unofficial end of summer, Labor Day stands as a tribute to the resilience, dedication, and achievements of the labor movements. It is a day to honor the laborers whose toil has built our nation, improved working conditions, and driven progress throughout history.

Labor Day 2022: Facts, Meaning & Founding

Labor Day pays tribute to the contributions and achievements of American workers and is traditionally observed on the first Monday in September. It was created by the labor movement in the late 19th century and became a federal holiday in 1894. Read all about the history of Labor Day in this article from

The Handoff: Innovating the Nursing Workforce: Texas Children’s Hospital’s Success Story

Who better to discuss on Labor Day than our hardworking nurses? On this episode, hear from Jackie Ward, the Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer at Texas Children’s Hospital (TCH). Jackie shares her insights on developing a strong nursing workforce, supporting frontline nurses and managers, and fostering a culture of growth and retention. She emphasizes the importance of wellness, work-life harmony, and professional advancement in shaping the future of the nursing profession. Tune in to learn about the inspiring story of TCH and the impact of collaboration and innovation in nursing.

8 Tips for Working Holidays in Health Care

In case you are working this Labor Day, check out these tips from Creative Home Therapy (@CreativHTherapy) to help you avoid FOMO!

More in U.S. See Unions Strengthening and Want It That Way

Labor unions continue to enjoy high support in the U.S., with 67% of Americans approving of them, similar to the elevated level seen in recent years after more than a decade of rising support. Mirroring this trend, Americans have gradually become more likely than a decade ago to want unions’ influence to strengthen and to believe unions benefit various aspects of business and the economy.

At last, a Labor Day when workers can celebrate their power

According to E.J. Dionne Jr. workers and organized labor are cool again. Young Americans are the country’s most pro-union generation. Labor has poll ratings most politicians only dream about, and the Biden administration is making workers’ pay, benefits and rights its calling card. Read his opinion piece on this topic at the heart of Labor Day.