Introducing Precision Marketing in Healthcare

Featuring: Sharon Line Clary, Vice President of Strategic Marketing Communications & Anthony Cadieux, Executive Director Performance Marketing Strategy, AdventHealth

One of the most innovative approaches to marketing – precision marketing – is making its way into healthcare settings. The approach, which harnesses the potential of advanced analytics, personalized content, and innovative digital channels, is able to generate a massive return on investment. And as consumers are expecting more and more customized content – including better communication from their providers – healthcare marketers may need precision marketing to better reach and engage their patient population.

Listen to Sharon Line Clary and Anthony Cadieux from Advent Health and podcast host, Alan Tam, as they dive into the world of precision marketing for enhancing patient experiences and shaping the future of healthcare communication.

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5 Key Takeaways:

  1. Partners. All successful marketing efforts begin with developing and strengthening internal partnerships, and precision marketing is no different. From strategy and business development, to finance, operations, and clinical staff, healthcare marketers must work across the entire health system. By educating partners on the role of marketing, gaining access to critical data, collaborating on goals and their metrics, and reporting on successful campaigns, marketers can maximize their campaigns’ success.
  2. Data. Critical to the success of precision marketing is the availability and quality of the data that marketing teams can access. Healthcare marketers can use basic demographic data like age, gender, and diagnoses to group patients into broad segments. However, to drill down to the level necessary to accomplish precision marketing and target patients on an individual basis, marketers need access to additional data points such as race and ethnicity, location, family composition, and more.
  3. Investment. As the new frontier in healthcare marketing, precision marketing requires an investment on the part of health systems. In order to reach patients individually with content and messaging tailored to their particular health needs and preferences, health systems must invest in the data analytics tools and platform capabilities necessary to fine-tune their targeting. Furthermore, precision marketing requires countless iterations of personalized creative – from landing pages to email copy.
  4. Duration. Precision marketing also takes an investment of time to become successful. Short campaigns may not fare as well as longer campaigns especially because, in healthcare, decisions and interventions often take months, not days. To maximize the success of a precision marketing campaign, healthcare marketers should let it run for at least six months.
  5. ROI. There is a huge potential upside for health systems willing to make the investment of budget and time in precision marketing – a significant return on investment. However, in order for marketers to garner continued buy-in and collaboration from key internal partners – as well as continued investment in marketing – there has to be an agreement on how ROI is measured. Healthcare marketers must work with finance teams to determine a shared equation for ROI and be willing to be conservative in their calculations of attribution. That way, the revenue generated from precision marketing campaigns is accurately counted and future budget dollars can go toward the campaigns and techniques producing the most benefit for health systems and their patients.

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