InterviewsNOW: Health IT Impacts from Healthcare Consolidations with Zack Tisch

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Guest: Zack Tisch, Consulting Services Executive, Pivot Point Consulting
Twitter: @pivotpc

I recently spoke with Zack Tisch from Pivot Point Consulting on healthcare consolidations and the IT impact. Our discussion covers what is driving most of the mergers and acquisition activity, the biggest IT challenges the organization tackle in a consolidation, and what an organization should consider and plan for in IT.

Learn more about Zack and the role Piviot Point Consulting plays in the health IT space. The InterviewsNOW episode is now on demand, check it out.

About Pivot Point Consulting
Pivot Point Consulting is a KLAS-ranked healthcare IT firm specializing in advisory services, EHR and ERP implementation and optimization, training and activation, project management and PMO, legacy support, technology services, managed services and permanent placement. Clients range from large multi-hospital networks to academic institutions, pediatric hospitals and local community clinics.

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