InterviewsNOW: Emerging Role of the CDO and Data Governance Best Practices

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Guest: Stephanie Crabb, Co-Founder & Principal, Immersive Health
Twitter: @ImmersiveLLC

On this episode of InterviewsNOW, I chat with Stephanie Crabb, the Co-Founder, and Principal at Immersive, a healthcare data lifecycle management company. The conversation focuses on the emerging role of the Chief Data Officer and data governance best practices, and Stephanie addresses the following questions in our 30 minutes together:

  • What do you think is driving the addition of the CDO to hospital leadership teams?
  • How do you see the role of CDO being differentiated from the CIO? Where is that division of labor?
  • What are–or should be–the top priorities for data stewards in healthcare organizations?
  • What best practices do you recommend to HCOs as they evaluate or formalize their data governance practices?
  • How do you see data’s role in healthcare delivery evolving in the next 3 to 5 years?

You can play and/or download the episode below.

About Immersive
The opportunity to achieve amazing things, truly transformational things, that forever change the delivery of care in this country – the patient experience, the cost of care – and restore passion to clinicians, is at our fingertips and our data will factor in to this change profoundly.

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