Infographics from Adelphi University

Master of Science in Healthcare Informatics

Using a picture and visual graphics to represent data and information is called an infographic. It is a great way to display statistical data that shows comparisons or charts that come from research and reports. Here are three infographics from Adelphi University and their Master of Science in Healthcare Informatics degree. See previously discovered healthcare infographics.

Cracking the Code: The Differences Between Good and Bad Health IT From a Programmer’s Perspective

infographic-CrackingCodeDo you know the difference between good and bad Health IT? You should know that finding patients, evaluating test results and more everyday activities can either be helped or hampered by the information systems that treatment professionals currently use. See the differences between good and bad Health IT in this infographic.

A number of new technologies have emerged on the healthcare scene today. Aimed towards making processes flow more efficiently, these systems have been set in motion to help find patients, evaluate test results and other everyday job-related tasks required by healthcare workers. While over half of all physicians and approximately 80% of hospitals have started keeping electronic medical records, it’s important to note that these systems aren’t exactly foolproof.

Telemedicine and Health Informatics Career Opportunities

infographic-careersTelemedicine: Healthcare services that use email, smartphones, two-way video, and other telecommunication technologies to deliver remote clinical services. Telemedicine lets doctors provide primary care, remote patient monitoring, medical education, and related services. It can improve access to healthcare, reduce travel time and related stresses for patients, improve service quality, and lower healthcare costs. Health informatices jobs have increased faster than other healthcare jobs. In this infographic view more on career opportunities in health informatics as it pertains to telemedicine.

The Long Road to Digitization – A History of Healthcare Informatics

infographic-digitization1949 Germany’s Dr. Gustav Wagner established the German society for Medical documentation, Computer Science, and Statistics, the world’s first professional organization for informatics. So starts the history of healthcare informatics. Today nearly 3/4 of physicians use tablets to maintain electronic health records. Check out this infographic for the timeline between 1949 and today highlighting major milestones and influential figures shaping the history.

Master of Science in Healthcare Informatics Online
Earn Your Master’s in Healthcare Informatics in as few as 28 months. The field of healthcare informatics is vital for our future. Jobs in the health informatics sector are growing rapidly, especially as the 2015 deadline draws near for healthcare facilities to implement electronic healthcare records (EHR). This mandate, coupled with the slow-growing U.S. economy, has made the burgeoning field of health informatics an attractive avenue of opportunity. Learn more about this degree.