ICYMI – 2022 Predictions Roundup

As we like to do every year, we reached out to our experts and thought leaders to see what they believe we will see this year in healthcare and health IT. Here are the posts we published throughout December, in case you missed them. Happy New Year!

Big Data, Analytics, and AI Could Take Center Stage in 2022

As 2021 comes to an end we like to reach out to our thought leaders to see what they think we can expect next year. So what should we look forward to when it comes to Big Data, Analytics, and AI in health IT?

The Continuing Quest for Interoperability in 2022

On our recent annual interoperability panel discussion with industry leaders, they were posed the question of where are we? If we were a football field how close are we to the goal? Of course everyone wants to put us somewhere making progress right? We are half way there, because everyone knows we are not close and certainly not on the 2 with a a quarterback hurdling the line for the goal! But the most interesting answer (and probably most honest), we haven’t entered the stadium yet! Hopefully we are at least taking tickets. So our quest for interoperability continues.

Care Delivery Remotely in 2022

As predicted 2021 saw the explosion of telehealth visits as the pandemic and lock downs were happening. Telehealth was on top of everyone’s priority list. But it also ushered in a wider definition to care delivery. Remote care doesn’t just mean or include video visits. Remote care and monitoring are care delivery models that can’t be overlooked in the future.

Will Patients be Giving a Thumbs Up on their Experiences in 2022?

Patient Experience is not just a buzz phrase. It is a major driver of health IT innovation. The healthcare industry to say the least is doing a little catch up to other industries when it comes to how their customers or patients interact with their entities. Gen Z or iGen are now entering their 20s and will start graduating from college and entering the workforce. This generation has never been without a personal computer or even a smart phone. Their banking, retail, and communication is all digital, it always has been. How will patient experience shape our 2022?

Digital Transformation in 2022

Digital Health is using technology to help improve people’s health and wellness. Our healthcare industry has been digitally transforming for decades now. But the sheer volume of data we are collecting now is driving innovation that can be called revolutionary or evolutionary. And there is nothing stopping it continuing into next year.

Equitable Health in Populations is Well Overdue in 2022

Like many other areas of healthcare, the pandemic has shown us what the wizard behind the curtain really is. And it hasn’t been pretty. To right the ship with the goals of a truly healthy population, health equity must be addressed in the forefront. These health IT experts aren’t just predicting this but insisting it.

Privacy, Security, and Compliance in 2022

Coming out of the worse years for healthcare and security breaches, healthcare will continue to be a target for cyber theft and attacks in 2022. Experts are warning to not let your guard down and be prepared with the tools and solutions available to help stay cyber safe. Continuing education of staff will also be a must.

Health IT Marketing Predictions

What makes marketing in the health IT space unique? Who are the movers and shakers? What’s working, what’s trending? Where can you learn more? This month for our roundup on health IT marketing we decided to round up our marketing experts and tell us what we might see in the new year. Here is what we found out.

2022 Predictions – Final Thoughts

Healthcare has had a tumultuous past two years. Just what will the next two years look like? Will we still be discussing the pandemic impact? Our industry experts and thought leaders have shared their predictions for 2022 with us over the last few weeks. Here are some final thoughts.