Honoring Our Heroes on Veterans Day

Brought to you by Medici (@Medici_app), a virtual healthcare company, which recently launched Operation 11/11, a new initiative providing no-cost virtual consults to all U.S. veterans on Veterans Day, November 11. Read all about what Operation 11/11 has to offer.

Operation 11/11

During Operation 11/11, all veterans who register at https://www.medici.md/veterans will have access to text, voice or video consultations with doctors specializing in general practice, psychiatry, dermatology, orthopedics and more. With this access, veterans can receive expert advice, diagnosis, prescriptions or referrals to other specialists. Proof of military service is required, although health insurance is not needed.

“Veterans Day is not about furniture and car sales. It’s about recognizing the extraordinary service of our veterans,” says Clint Phillips, founder and CEO of Medici. “We can think of no better way to thank our veterans than to provide them with concierge-level care across multiple specialties without leaving their homes.”

Virtual 2nd Opinion at No Cost

During Operation 11/11, veterans with complex cases will be able to have virtual second opinions thanks to 2nd.MD. 2nd.MD provides access to the world’s leading specialists across 130 subspecialties at the top U.S. hospitals.

Behavioral Telehealth Services not Just for Military

Though post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) occurs at higher rates among military personnel than the general population, it can develop in anyone who has experienced or witnessed a traumatic event. Fortunately, telepsychiatry is now available to people who are unable to see a doctor in person. In fact, some psychiatrists, like Dr. Thomas Kim, provide psychiatric care 100% virtually, giving patients lifesaving access to care when they need it most.

Veterans Use Smartphones for Telehealth

Nearly 3.5 million of the 12 million veterans report having a disability. The numbers are expected to increase as veterans from previous wars begin aging with chronic diseases. Since 98% of veterans have smartphones*, telehealth is very popular among this group.

*Source: National Center for Veterans Analysis and Statistics, April 2018

Purple Heart Recipient Gives Back

Physician Assistant Chris Montoya served several tours in Iraq in an infantry battalion delivering care to and fighting alongside fellow soldiers. He served for 20 years and earned two Bronze Stars and a Purple Heart. Today he works to keep people happy and healthy. A HIPAA-compliant smartphone app helps Chris manage his heavy patient load.