When: October 12-16, 2020
Hashtag: #HLTH2020

The Year Everything Changed

This year so much has changed – virtual meetings and webinars, have become our new normal. They understand that people are experiencing “Zoom Fatigue” but can assure you that HLTH VRTL won’t just be another set of webinars and presentations. This will be a highly produced experience full of major announcements and debates from the most important companies, CEOs, politicians and other major figures shaping the health industry today. You can also expect the same highly curated 1:1 networking you have come to expect from HLTH.

Some of the highlights of HLTH VRTL include:

  • 24 significant keynotes, 10 one-on-one debate-style presentations, 30 ground-breaking announcements, 15+ community programs – across 5 days of HLTH with content available on-demand for 6 months post-event
  • 200+ speakers from across the health ecosystem
  • Government officials, policy experts, and politicians will join the agenda – at an important time of the year, with just a month before the election
  • COVID-19 updates from every perspective across the ecosystem and the front lines
  • Slack workspace – network with other attendees, speakers, sponsors and partners throughout the entire event
  • Virtual 1:1 networking – meetings will be available via video or phone conferencing. Access to the platform will be available one month before the event so you can pre-schedule meetings
  • Hosted Buyermatching qualified buyers and solution providers in 1:1 meetings
  • Funding Foundersmatching startup CEOs with investors in 1:1 meetings
  • Sponsor booths – network and connect with companies showcasing the latest innovations
  • Table Talkstopical roundtables with ~15 attendees invited to explore a particular health concern, problem, or opportunity
  • Entertainment – passionate celebrities and music artists discussing relevant health topics and initiatives with some great performances that you and your family can enjoy
  • HLTH Impact & Community Programs – including curated content in partnership with CHIME, Mercer, ATA, Intelligent Health Association, MedCity News, European Connected Health Alliance, WEGO Health, Evercore and Savvy Cooperative

HLTH VRTL will address the challenges and opportunities from the history-altering events of 2020 – to question our current policies and business models and help share the future of care, including; COVID-19’s impact, mental and behavioral health, addressing inequities and disparities in health and access to affordable and quality care.

See their agenda overview and their growing list of speakers.