HIMSS Highlights on Value-Based Care

Value-based care was one of the biggest topics of discussion at this year’s HIMSS Annual Conference.  We were on hand doing our HIMSS Highlights, with many of our conversations focused squarely on VBC.

All of our HIMSS Highlights can now be found on-demand on our SoundCloud channel, so check them out. We’re spotlighting a few that are talking about value-based care.

Roberta Mullin talks to Timothy Mills, Chief Growth Officer at Alpha II about year 3 of QPP and the biggest changes and considerations healthcare providers should have as they go into this reporting year.

I spoke with Rob Barras, VP of Healthcare and Dana Besinger, Client Solutions Executive from CTG Health Solutions on how EHR optimization is supporting organizations in the transition to value-based care. The two drill down on how to optimize a legacy EHR built for the traditional fee-for-service model, into a system that helps providers practice value-based care.

I also talked with Sean Carroll, CEO of Arcadia.io about what organizations that are just entering the value-based care space can learn from the pioneers in the industry. He also talks about the economics of healthcare, and what value-based care organizations need to do to be financially sustainable.

And finally, I caught up with Matt Cox, Chief Marketing Officer for Matt Lumeris about the struggle for many healthcare executives in their transition to value-based care. He also talks about how the success of Medicare Advantage can be applied to wider trends in value-based care.