HIMSS Highlights on Patient Experience

Our HIMSS Highlights from the recent HIMSS19 Annual Conference are all now on-demand on our SoundCloud channel, check them out. We are spotlighting a few here that are talking about the Patient Experience. Take a listen.

Roberta Mullin talks to Patrick Leonpacher, COO at Jellyfish Health about their products that are shaping healthcare systems to deliver on patient experience.

On this interview, Hemant Goel, President of Spok discusses the evolution of conversations at HIMSS over the last 10 years, with patient-centric technology and communications now a topic at the forefront of health IT.

Roberta Mullin talks to Molly True, Industry Marketing Strategist at Windstream Enterprise about how they are using what they have learned from their retail markets in the healthcare space when it comes to customer experience.