HIMSS Highlights Focused on Health Information Exchange

Reportage Retro Sound Style Microphone Radio OldThe 2017 HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition took place on February 19–23, 2017 in Orlando Florida. HIMSS reported 42,287 attendees with 40% working in care delivery settings, 16% in consulting firms, 7% in payer or financial services, 5% government settings, and 30% other. There were 1,249 exhibitors using 600,000 square feet at the convention center. Another year, another HIMSS Conference. What did we learn? What did we see? Who did we talk to?

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Here is who I talked to about the on going saga of interoperability. Where are we and will we ever get where we want to be?

Buff Colchagoff – CEO of RosettaHealth
Health records should be accessable to everyone at anytime. Buff says they are making the access to health records and the exchange of health records ubiquitous, hear how they are doing this. Follow them on Twitter @RosettaHealth
HIMSS17 Highlights – Buff Colchagoff

Charles Stellar – President and CEO of WEDI
What is WEDI and what is the new direction for the association of healthcare providers, payers and vendors? Learn more from the current President and CEO. Follow them on Twitter @WEDIonline
HIMSS17 Highlight – Charles Stellar

Jitin Asnaani – Executive Director of CommonWell Health Alliance
Commonwell recently completed building the first set of The Argonaut Project’s FHIR specifications into its core services. Hear what this means and why it is important. Follow them on Twitter @CommonWell
HIMSS17 Highlights – Jitin Asnaani

Michael Ball – SVP of North America of Bridgehead Software
Last year we discussed their independent clinical archiving as it relate to things like legacy application archiving, interoperability, data sharing, migrating EHRs and how this had strategic value to the users. Is archiving still a major issue with hospital systems and what were they learning at HIMSS? Follow them on Twitter @BridgeHeadHDM
HIMSS17 Highlights – Michael Ball

Lee Barrett – Executive Director of EHNAC
Learn just what EHNAC is and about their new HITRUST partnership and the merging of the two privacy and security audit programs. Follow them on Twitter @EHNAC
HIMSS17 Highlights – Lee Barrett