HealthcareNOW Radio at HIMSS18

By Carol Flagg, Managing Partner, Answers Media Network
Host of What’s My Tagline?
Twitter: @carolflagg

It was a long week of interviews with industry thought leaders at HIMSS18 in Las Vegas. We came, we saw, we met, we ate, we drank and I think we conquered, though that may still be up for debate. HIMSS was also a great chance to get face time with our HealthcareNOW Radio hosts. In our lead up to HIMSS, our station passed a milestone – 1,000 listeners a day U.S. (1,500+ worldwide). At our current pace, we expect to hit 300,000 – 400,000 listeners by end of the year. A nice bit of news for our meet-ups with our hosts!

If you haven’t had a chance to tune in, I hope you’ll check out our station. You can stream live 24/7 on any device here – – no registration or login needed. You can also check out the archives of shows on our SoundCloud channel.

I also want to acknowledge our hosts that attended HIMSS18. All left the conference with great interviews that we will begin airing next week. Check out the original programming we produce and air with a line up of all-stars hosts:

Also over the next week, we will make our HIMSS Highlights interviews available for play on our SoundCloud channel – we will be doing several posts on these highlights.

Finally, we want to acknowledge our listeners for continuing to find the programming we produce interesting and insightful. We will be adding several new shows this Summer as we continue to tackle the most pressing issues and topics impacting healthcare and health IT.