Healthcare Making the Big Lists

llistsWho doesn’t like a good list? Whether you are on it, know someone on it, or aspire to be on it, you always want to read the list. Here are some interesting lists I think deserve sharing.

Inc Magazine – 34th Annual Inc 5000
We start our list with this annual big list from Inc. Magazine. The Inc. (@Inc) 5000 annual list ranks the fastest-growing private companies in America. You can sort by industry, check out the Health category, I think you will recognize some that made it.

10 Physician CIOs to Know
Not all physicians dedicate their skills solely to clinical responsibilities. Many hospital and health system C-suites are staffed by physician executives. Here is the king of lists, Becker’s Hospital (@BeckersHR) with their list of 10 physicians who serve as CIOs. Are they in your LinkedIn network?

Health IT Standards and interoperability Rockstars to Know
Health IT standards and health information interoperability are at the forefront of the healthcare industry. There are many challenges, unanswered questions and interested parties when it comes to the development of health IT standards and interoperability in healthcare. While advocates and leaders of standards and interoperability have their own opinions on the topic, I think we can all agree there is a need for standards and true interoperability is necessary to transcend healthcare. It is nice to see this topic front and center even if everyone isn’t on the same page. There are many people contributing to the evolution of  health IT standards and healthcare interoperability efforts – here is a list from Perficient, Inc. (@Perficient_HC) of 15 Health IT Standards and Interoperability Rockstars they think you should know.

Top Five Tips for Selecting Email Encryption
Get into compliance with ALTA Best Practice #3, and protect yourself against breaches that are the result of Non Public Personal Information (NPPI) being exposed through email. Even if your email is hacked, if it is encrypted, it is considered protected. Here are five tips from DataMotion (@DataMotion) for selecting an email encryption solution.

The 50 State Project: Top 5 Policy Issues in each State
The CQ Roll Call is widely considered the newspaper of Capitol Hill, providing news and information that is considered indispensable for members of Congress and their staff. The 50 State Project survey asked reporters, bloggers and independent watchdogs in all 50 states (plus Washington DC and Puerto Rico) to name their top issues. And you guessed it, Healthcare is all over the lists.

10 Healthcare Technology Disruptors To Watch (All Led By Women)
Many women cite their company’s outdated maternity leave policies, lack of flexible work arrangements or salaries that are inadequate to cover the costs of childcare as their main reasons for exiting the tech industry. But not all sectors of tech are experiencing a female exodus. Women seem to be flourishing in healthcare technology. A study recently released by XX in Health (@xxinhealth), a national organization fostering female leadership in healthcare, found that women make up 78% of the healthcare workforce, and that firms with female leadership yield greater returns for investors. Investors may want to keep an eye on some of these women-led healthcare tech disruptors. From Forbes/Entrepreneurs (@Forbes) here are ten to watch in 2015.