Health IT Security with Rita Bowen on InterviewsNOW

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Guest: Rita Bowen, Vice President, of Privacy, Compliance and HIM Policy at MRO
Twitter: @MROCorp

2017 was a rocky year for health IT security.  Increases in cybersecurity/ransomware incidents dominated the headlines. Human error continued to be a root cause of breaches, cyber-related or otherwise. And medical devices, apps and the Internet of Things (IoT) added to the concerns of the industry and the government agencies that seek to protect patients.

I had a chance to speak with Rita Bowen of MRO about what lessons we may have learned from last year to help in security efforts for this year.  You can hear the podcast of this interview below.

On our 30 minutes together, we discussed:

  1. Tips for organizations to avoid or thwart data security and breach notification issues.
  2. How Intelligent Apps and Analytics are changing the world for privacy and security.
  3. The OCR’s data security and data breach enforcement actions.

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