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What makes marketing in the health IT space unique? Who are the movers and shakers? What’s working, what’s trending? Where can you learn more? This monthly roundup post will focus in on all things health IT when it comes to marketing.

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Tune in to one of our latest shows, Overrated & Underused. Killer public relations, marketing and social media in healthcare requires making the right moves at the right time. Hosts, experienced marketers Jen Jennings (@Jen_Jennings) and Tom Testa (@Tom_Testa) have emerged from the trenches to provide the answers. In each episode, they will debate the most OVERRATED and UNDERUSED promotional tactics – evaluating each not only for their effectiveness, but their cost-effectiveness, while sharing best practice examples and challenging the status quo. Take a listen.

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7 Types of Graphics for Communicating With Your Audience – Alex Cox, Senior Writer at Brafton (@Brafton) says, You’ve heard the cliché about what a picture is worth (hint: about half the length of this blog post). But what if we told you each picture — more specifically, a graphic design asset like an illustration or a motion graphic — was worth a thousand dollars in brand value?

Takeaways from the 2020 TriNet PeopleForce “Health Care Trends: Hang On, It Could be a Wild Ride” session – Cait Greeley, Social Media Manager at ClarityQuest (@CQmarketing) writes, I attended TriNet’s People Force virtual conference on Wednesday, October 21, where I listened in on the “Health Care Trends: Hang On, It Could be a Wild Ride” session. The session was moderated by Edward Griese, Senior VP of Insurance Services, TriNet who interviewed Dr. Kaveh Safavi and Arthur M. Southam, MD, healthcare professionals who provided their insight into healthcare trends from healthcare and medical costs to COVID-19 impacts and more.

Get All The Growth You Deserve—Deploy Market Takedowns in Your Targeted Verticals – Eric Meerschaert, Executive Director of Strategy at StudioNorth (@StudioNorthUSA) says, If you were growing at an acceptable pace before COVID-19 hit, why rethink your approach to verticals now? Research from McKinsey suggests that you’re more likely to thrive if you act aggressively to capture market share now—during the downturn—rather than wait for the recovery to begin. Moving now, with a sharpened focus on customer value, can give you a first-mover advantage that other players can’t match.

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How Healthcare Marketers Can Implement Internal Marketing – T’Asia Moody at KNB Communications (@KNBComm) writes, For your healthcare organization to do their work, it’s important that your employees feel valued and respected. This is why internal marketing is useful. Internal marketing promotes your healthcare company’s vision, mission, culture and objectives to your employees with the goal of keeping them engaged. To implement successful internal marketing in your healthcare organization, it’s a good idea to look at your employees as if they are a business and you’re trying to pick them up as a lead.

Sales Decks Should be a Collaborative Effort – By Colin Hung (@Colin_Hung) – Sales presentations (aka sales decks) are the most critical sales enablement asset for any company. Yet too often, individual salespeople update and modify the decks themselves – either because they do not get any support from the Marketing Team or because they prefer to do it themselves without “interference” from Marketing. This should not be the case. Sales decks should be a collaborative effort.

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7 Tips for Making Your Press Release a Success – Margaret Kelly, Social Media Manager at Amendola Communications (@AmendolaComm) writes, Most journalists (36%) still receive their news from the good old press release. As a PR professional, you are responsible for getting the news your client wants to disseminate in front of as many relevant people as possible. But in 2020 when the usual news topics have been turned on their head, how do you do that?

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A Look At Provider Websites

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Why You Should Continue Reputation Marketing Long-Term – By Scott Zeitzer, President, from P3 Practice Marketing (@p3practicemktg) writes, Since the COVID-19 pandemic has swept our country, many practices have, understandably, sought out ways to cut back on their budgets. Often, marketing is one of the first things to be cut from the budget because it is not essential to the daily operations of the practice.

As a marketing company, we could of course make a case for keeping all forms of marketing all the time. With that said, we also understand that practices may have less budget to work with these days, and they need to make the best of it. However, we do urge practices to be strategic about which aspects of marketing to stop vs. which ones to continue. Some marketing channels can be turned on and off with little consequence, while others can affect your search engine ranking down the road if you halt them completely.

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Matter West Growth Accelerates as B2B and B2C Brands Rebound to Close Out 2020
Matter Communications (@MatterComm) announces significant momentum across its Matter West offices in Boulder, CO and Portland, OR. Growth highlights include new client partnerships in the AI, mobile gaming and software development B2B tech industries. Notable client roster additions include Brainium Studios, Buildable and Natural Intelligence Systems.

Agency Ten22 Expands Marketing and PR Presence in Healthcare IT Industry
Agency Ten22 (@AgencyTen22) announced the addition of three new health information technology clients during the past several months: CognitiveHealth Technologies, EyeTech Digital Systems and iPro Healthcare. Agency Ten22’s growing client roster and industry presence is indicative of heightened demand for public relations and marketing services in the healthcare IT industry throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Amendola Named Finalist in 2020 Platinum PR Awards
Amendola Communications (@AmendolaComm) announced that it has been named a finalist in PR News’ 2020 Platinum PR Awards for its strategic integrated PR, social media and digital campaign with Air Methods, a leading national air medical services company. This distinction is one of several awards the agency has earned in recent years for its ability to develop high-value content for healthcare organizations that speaks to market needs.

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Thought Leadership in Healthcare: 2021 Landscape for Audio Content
In today’s digital and social media driven world, thought leadership as part of a content and branding strategy has never been more critical. The COVID-19 pandemic brings additional challenges as health IT companies and organizations pivot messaging and approach, some struggling to find a foothold, and a voice, in these incredibly challenging times.

On this webinar, Carol Flagg of Answers Media Network/HealthcareNOW Radio discussed: Overview of Voice Marketing; Latest research on audio content; The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic; Differences in streaming audio content and what that means for Alexa and Siri; How audio content provides an opportunity to create multiple content usages; The elephant in the room – Listener Analytics; ROI. Watch the recording.

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Tune in to What’s My Tagline? where we put the microphone in front of the healthcare marketing, sales, social media, and PR community. On the show, host Carol Flagg questions industry experts relative to their occupations on the impact of social media, the evolving role of content marketing, the critical factor of engagement to build brand loyalty, and more.