Health IT Business News – November 14, 2019

Product News

SPH Analytics Announces Launch of IgniteMIPS Next Generation User Experience
SPH Analytics (@SPHAnalytics), the leader in healthcare analytics and population health management, announced the release of its new next generation user experience for IgniteMIPS™. Inspired by user feedback, the solution redesign offers an advanced, analytics-driven workflow which enables the quality team and clinicians to identify and act on high value actions that drive exceptional clinical and financial results.

LaserCue Results from In-Step Mobility and Michael J. Fox Collaboration
Developed by In-Step Mobility (@UstepWalker) and Michael J. Fox, the LaserCue is designed to attach to any cane and project a red laser line onto the floor as a way to help those with Parkinson’s disease reduce gait freezing and falls.

Medicomp Systems Secures Patent for its Method of Displaying Clinically Relevant Information Within Physician Workflows
Medicomp Systems (@MedicompSys), a provider of physician-driven, point of care solutions that fix EHRs, announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) awarded Medicomp its fourth patent since 2016 for technologies that work together to identify and filter disparate clinical data and deliver relevant information to physicians at the point of care.

Capsule Technologies Launches Next Generation Clinical Computing Hub
Capsule Technologies (@capsule_tech) announced the commercial release of Capsule Neuron 3, a significantly enhanced iteration of the company’s flagship clinical computing hub.

Holon Solutions Launches Population View Application to Further Operationalize Analytics
Holon Solutions (@holonsolutions), healthcare’s leading data liberator, announced the launch of its Population View application for its CollaborNet® platform. This application offers healthcare organizations an actionable, continuum-wide perspective of cost and care quality to manage members of risk-based contracts to ensure high-quality, efficient care management.

Savonix and Boston University School of Public Health Launch Landmark Population Health Alzheimer’s Disease Discovery Study (ASSIST) to Digitally Collect Brain Health Data
Savonix (@SavonixInc), a global leader in digital tests for cognitive health, and Boston University School of Public Health, one of the nation’s leading schools of public health, announced the launch of a landmark population health study in dementia.

Collaboration News

Connecting People With Health Resources
Facebook is developing products and partnerships that can help people connect with resources to support their health. Here is an update on some of this work, including a new Preventive Health tool in the US.

Innovative Management Solutions New York Partners with Arcadia.IO to Improve Health Care with Behavioral Health Data
Population health management leader Arcadia (@ArcadiaHealthIT) announced a partnership with Innovative Management Solutions (IMSNY), a joint venture between Coordinated Behavioral Care (CBC) and Coordinated Behavioral Health Services IPA (CBHS). Through this partnership, IMSNY will be able to better understand and improve the quality of care for New Yorkers with serious mental illness, substance use disorders and/or chronic health conditions, children with serious emotional disturbances, and those impacted by social factors such as poverty, inadequate housing and food shortages.

CareCloud Partners with American Express
CareCloud (@carecloud) is launching an exciting partnership with American Express® to implement a solution to automate CareCloud accounts payable processes and streamline payments to their customers. Those who participate in this program, will see several benefits:

  • Faster payment – funds are electronically transferred directly into your account
  • Simplified reconciliation – all remittance information arrives with the payment
  • Cost savings – reduced billing and collection costs, i.e. check deposition, lockbox fees
  • Added security – eliminates lost or fraudulent checks
Making the Cut

SPH Analytics Announces its National APEX Quality Award Winners for Healthcare Excellence
SPH Analytics (@SPHAnalytics) announced that 119 healthcare provider organizations have earned its annual National APEX Quality Award. For the past ten years, SPH Analytics has awarded the National APEX Quality Award to recognize healthcare providers who demonstrate the highest level of excellence in patient satisfaction.

Financial News

TriHealth to Operate Retail Health Clinics in Cincinnati Area Walgreens Stores
Walgreens and TriHealth, a comprehensive not-for-profit health system with six hospitals and 130 sites of care, announced that Walgreens will be transitioning seven of its existing company-managed Cincinnati-area Walgreens Healthcare Clinics to TriHealth.