Having All Your Health Data in One Place

A Conversation with Ardy Arianpour

CEO & Co-Founder of SEQSTER
LinkedIn: Ardy Arianpour
Twitter: @SEQSTER

Gil catches up with Ardy Arianpour from SEQSTER, the leading healthcare technology company that puts the patient at the center of all their health data. He is a health tech executive with 20+ years driving innovation in biotech, life sciences and digital health. Prior to starting SEQSTER, Ardy launched several clinical and consumer-based genetic tests as Chief Commercial Officer of Pathway Genomics, and served as SVP of Ambry Genetics.

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Episode Takeaways

  • The idea of having all your health data in one place isn’t a new one. Information is medicine. Doctors make all their decisions off of information and too often they’re reinventing the wheel – rediscovering data that already exists. The decentralization of health data is a major challenge for patients and providers alike.
  • Providers only know the snippet from their own hospital. By flipping the model and giving the patient the power to create dashboards and consolidate their own data so providers can treat them more effectively. Information ought to flow from the patient at the center, with full transparency and ownership of their data.
  • The SEQSTER system was created for the patient – patients should never have to pay for their own data. That’s why the company uses a subscription model for the pharma, payer, and provider communities shoulder the cost in a B2B2C ecosystem.


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