Happy 4th of July

The fourth of July is a holiday packed with fun gatherings and events. Americans from coast to coast celebrate our nation’s birthday with picnics, parties, road trips and fireworks. Each Friday on our sister site, HealthcareNOW Radio, we run a post called The Friday Five listing five resources connected to a trending topic or item of interest. Last week’s Friday Five was dedicated to sun safety which can come in handy during your July 4th celebration, so we’ve included a segment of the post below. Be sure not to miss the other four tips from our Sun Safety Friday Five and from all of us here at Answers Media Network, we wish you a sparkling Fourth!

CDC’s #SunSafeSelfie Campaign
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (@CDCgov) suggests following these recommendations to protect yourself from harmful UV rays: staying in the shade, wearing protective clothing (including beach coverups, hats and sunglasses), and applying sunscreen (even on cloudy days.) Their annual campaign asks you to photograph yourself using sun protection, post it on social media and tag it with #SunSafeSelfie to raise awareness about the benefits of sun protection.


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