Greenway Medical – EHR comes to PGA

Did Greenway’s sponsorship finally pay off?

I live on the north side of Atlanta just a couple of miles from the Atlanta Athletic Club, where this year’s PGA Championship took place over the weekend. In lieu of walking around the golf course in the Georgia heat I opted to view it in my air conditioning and on my Direct TV multi channel mix. One of the leaders of the four days had been Jason Dufner. Not a name I really even recognized. But what I did recognize on his pink shirt on Sunday was the green logo on his chest. I could not help but notice his sponsor was Greenway Medical Technologies a logo I am very familiar with. And at the same time I could not help but wonder if it was recognizable to others. I googled Dufner and Greenway and found 70,000 results of their relationship.

Apparently back in July right before the British open, Greenway Medical entered into a partnership with American golfer Jason Dufner. And did you know that the President and CEO of Greenway is Tee Green? So the pairing of Jason and Tee became the first of its kind, EHR Vendor and golfer. The sponsorship agreement has Jason wearing the Greenway logo on his shirts during tournaments and allows Greenway to use Jason’s image in marketing and advertising campaigns. And as luck would have it for the new pairing, Tiger Woods drops out of the British Open and guess who got his spot? So how did that British Open go for them? Well, Dufner didn’t make the cut and I dare say the logo never made the airways.

Fast forward to last week and Atlanta Georgia. If you missed seeing the Greenway logo, you were not watching any of the PGA Championship. As Dufner was the leader in the fourth round he was in it to the bitter end which was a 3 hole playoff. For Dufner, 2nd place but for Greenway a hole in one.

Have a good week.