Friday at Five – What Are Our Hosts Wearing?

Have you tuned in to yet? If you have you might recognized some of these hosts. Here is a little bit about them.

Getting ready to exercise? How do you prepare? Do you put on a wearable to keep track of your workout? Or is your Fitbit or Apple Watch always on your wrist? We asked our HealthcareNow Radio show hosts what wearables do they use to keep track of their health and exercise activities and habits. For today’s Friday at Five we check out their answers.

Listen to Dr. Nick, The Incrementalist: Delving into Wearables and Health with Fitbit’s GM for Health, Adam Pellegrini

This Just In
Hosted by: Justin Barnes
Weekdays at 6:30 am, 2:30 pm and 10:30 pm ET
On This Just In, a 30-minute, informative program, Justin and his guests will shed light on the latest trends, strategy and innovations impacting healthcare, technology and even entrepreneurialism in America. Whether it’s healthcare, health IT, strategy, or the “next big thing”, if a topic is trending, Justin is sure to be talking about it with his broad circle of peers.

HealthcareNOW Radio: What type of wearable, if any, do you use?
Justin Barnes: I use a Polar Heart Rate Monitor when I run to monitor my vitals so I ensure peak fitness when I work-out. I do see myself using a wearable even more often in the future to best monitor my health.
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Healthcare APPtitude
Hosted by: Bruce Kennedy
Weekdays at 3pm, 11pm, and 7am ET
The Healthcare APPtitude radio show will cover a lot of ground in 2020. From the rising costs of healthcare in America, to the political implications of the upcoming presidential election, we’ll examine some of the groundbreaking advances that healthcare’s thought leaders and industry influencers are bringing to the table. From an IT standpoint, we’ll address how the latest apps are helping health systems bend the cost curve and address the need for better patient engagement. But we’ll also learn best practices from leaders outside of our industry, and how they are helping to influence the trajectory of healthcare for years to come.

HealthcareNOW Radio: What type of wearable, if any, do you use?
Bruce Kennedy: Moto 360 Smart Watch

Healthcare IT Today
Hosted by: Colin Hung and John Lynn
Weekdays at 1:30am, 9:30am and 5:30pm ET
Tune in to Healthcare IT Today with John Lynn and Colin Hung. On the show, our intrepid hosts share their experiences as they roam the country, attending conferences and forums, and talking with thought leaders in the know. Take the journey with them and find out what the industry is talking about TODAY and what’s in store for tomorrow. Why? Because they love this stuff and we do too.

HealthcareNOW Radio: What type of wearable, if any, do you use?

Colin Hung: Pre-COVID, yes, I wore a FitBit everyday!
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John Lynn: Ever since I’ve carried my cell phone in my pocket, I don’t even have a watch now. I don’t feel like wearables are clinically relevant and so I’m not motivated to do the work of actually using a wearable. Once they do I’ll consider it, but I’d rather have it just built into my phone. However, even that could be an issue for me since my phone sits on my desk most of the time. Follow him @techguy

Harlow on Healthcare
Hosted by: David Harlow
Weekdays at at 8:30 am, 4:30 pm and 12:30 am ET
Tune in to Harlow on Healthcare to hear healthcare attorney and award-winning blogger David Harlow and his guests discuss the critical issues shaping the future of health IT and healthcare at large. From cybersecurity to AI, precision medicine to health reform, if the topic is trending Harlow is on it.

HealthcareNOW Radio: What type of wearable, if any, do you use?
David Harlow: A number of years ago, I had a Misfit Shine for about 6 months. It gave me some interesting information about activity and sleep and I used that to change some behaviors. The iPhone in my pocket measures my walks, but that’s as close as I’ve gotten since the Misfit Shine.
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PopHealth Week
Hosted by: Fred Goldstein and Gregg Masters
Weekdays at 5:30am, 1:30pm and 9:30pm ET
PopHealth Week tracks, reports, informs and engages thought leaders, entrepreneurs and disruptive companies or health systems in the emerging field of Population Health Management. PopHealth Week fosters an ongoing conversation on the convergence of vendor supplied and provider hatched population health strategies. We will attempt to harmonize an industry Zeigeist that optimizes the role of vendors, providers and the community at large to deliver on the promise of the triple aim for a sustainable health[care] ecosystem. Join thought leaders Fred Goldstein and Gregg Masters, MPH for an informative and even entertaining exchange. Follow the show on Twitter @PopHealthWeek.

HealthcareNOW Radio: What type of wearable, if any, do you use?

Fred Goldstein: I currently wear a Verily watch for a research study I am participating in, and an Apple watch. Have used and tested Garmin, Fitbit, Google Glass, Moov and many others to understand their capabilities. I’m a wearables junkie.
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Gregg Masters: I wear an Apple Watch to monitor heart rate and activity levels. Also participating in many of the research studies.
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