Friday at Five – Roberta’s Roundup

This week and the next couple of weeks we are spotlighting the terrific shows and their hosts that we air on HealthcareNOW Radio. As the Station Manager I have an up front seat to all our radio shows and podcast syndications. When I am reviewing shows and podcasts for our network or working with companies creating their shows, I am most focused and interested in the hosts. After all if you are going to invest time into listening you have to form some kind of connection and trust with the host. You might be interested in a guest and what they have to say, but the host is what will bring you back to tune in.

Here is my roundup of five shows you should be listening to and the hosts that make me want to come back.


Jeff Lin (@JeffBLin) is Senior Vice President of Product Management at InstaMed, a J.P. Morgan company and has been hosting Payment Matters for 2 years now. He brings a fresh perspectives on how providers, payers, and consumers are all tackling the evolving healthcare payments market. There is no disputing his expert and thought leader status in these matters but along with that you can hear how passionate he is about the subject. Why can’t we have the same payment experience as we do at a hotel, the airlines, car rental, or even retail? His guests are from the trenches and applying and using the newest technologies bringing you their experience and challenges first hand. Or they are analysts discussing trends and policies driving the industry. And as the host he is asking the right questions to get the most out of the short time he has with his guests.

If you haven’t tuned in yet, here is my pick to start.
Guest Mike Trilli, Research Director at the Aite Group. Mike and Jeff discuss the consumer payment journey amid the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, referencing data from recent reports published by InstaMed and Aite Group.


Attorney Matt Fisher (@Matt_R_Fisher) is a Partner with Mirick O’Connell and the chair of the firm’s Health Law Group. It would be hard for me to believe if you are in the health IT space and pay attention to social media that you don’t know or know of Matt. His show, Healthcare de Jure, has been airing for over 4 years as one of our original productions. Like the play on words “de jure” (legally by right) and “du jour” (of the day) he talks about the hottest healthcare issues of the day with the people in the know. If you have been listening to his show for any amount of time he becomes a friend that you invite in. He is often learning about the topics along with us. You learn about him as he weaves in and relates his life with the topics on hand. His wife is an MD and we have been there for the birth of his 2 children.

A favorite topic of the show is privacy, security, and HIPAA, here is a recent episode that dives into approaches to security by military and private sectors; distinction of goals for protection and impact on set up of defenses; definition and opportunity presented by red teams; landscape of threats and how leadership and organization can help address, with his guest Ken Jenkins, founder and principal, EmberSec, a By Light Company.


Matthew Fusan is General Manager, Population Health, for SPH Analytics (@SPHAnalytics). On his show, Voices in Value-Based Care, Matt focuses on insights and shares real world experiences and use cases to help drive success in value-based care. As a host Matt was like that favorite TV character you loved that got recast! This show started with host Beth Houck from SA Ignite. They were acquired by SPH Analytics. Matt came from SA Ignite and took over the show in season 2. But this story has a happy transition. Matt has stepped in and made the show his own. Matt is great at drawing you in to getting to know him. He can very quickly relate a personal story to a issue that is brought up. Whether it is remembering a childhood memory or something his children have done they are so relatable. You can trust that he is bringing you the topics and guests that are helping you understand and transition to value-based care. You know that litmus test on if you would want to have a beer with someone? I would definitely say yes.

This is an episode that pivoted from his normal discussion to bring attention to Dr. Milla Kviatkovsky, practicing physician and co-founder and CEO of Frontline PPE Now about her activism during the COVID1-19 pandemic. It is worth a listen and to check them out.


Dr. Lawrence Kosinski (@lrkosinski) is the Founder and Chief Medical Officer of SonarMD but we call him Dr. K. After spending 30+ years of his career as a leading clinician and researcher in gastroenterology, Dr. K is now 100% dedicated to bringing patients, providers and payers together to advance value-based care. The Scope is our newest show on air with only 6 episode to date. So it won’t be hard to binge listen to this one to catch up! As a host, Dr. K is a natural. He is passionate about the subject matter and I never once have had flashbacks of my colonoscopy while tuning in! But I think the real gem of this show is the personal relationships Dr. K has with the guest that he brings on to talk to. The easy listening conversations are a wealth of information from people who you can tell respect and trust each other as colleagues and friends.

Since I am suggesting you binge this one, here is the playlist.


Tammy Hawes is the Founder & CEO of Virsys12 where she is responsible for the growth of Virsys12‘s consulting organization and healthcare product suite available on the Salesforce AppExchange. Clark Buckner (@ClarkBuckner) is the co-founder of Nashville based podcast production agency Relationary Marketing. In the show Tammy and Clark speak with healthcare industry thought leaders about their guest’s personal and professional transformations, while discovering their vision for, and stories of, success in healthcare. Tammy says that How I Built this is one of her favorite podcasts, hence the name “How I Transformed This“. There are many formats of a co-hosted show and the synergy of the hosts are what make it work. Tammy and Clark are an interesting pair that work for many reasons. Tammy is the industry expert and often personally knows the guests. Clark is a podcasting expert, community builder and entrepreneur. It is not your typical Fraser and Roz duo but the flow and seamless interaction with the guest is always what impresses me. Clark is the question asker and Tammy is the conversation interacter. The production quality of the show is top notch and it is so easy listening I recommend while walking your dog or with your morning coffee.

Here is an episode to get you started. Premise Health COO Beth Ratliff talks about population health management and innovative uses of technology for both clinicians and patients.



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