Friday at Five – Newest Podcasts on HCNR

Since the start of the new year we have been especially busy here at Healthcare Now Radio searching for new podcasts our listeners would enjoy with engaging, relevant content. We have sifted through countless options during our quest and have debuted some of the shows that fit the bill. This week’s Friday at Five highlights five such podcasts added to our network and we’ve included their playlists along with some information about each so take a listen and check them out.

Healthcare Transformers

Joined in February 2022
Healthcare Transformers is where healthcare leaders who are driving change in their organizations, as well as today’s healthcare experience, share their stories. On this podcast, you’ll hear from industry-leading healthcare professionals about their personal transformation journeys and what organizations can do to create the next wave of growth today and in the future.

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Voices of Self-Funding

Joined February 2022
Voices of Self Funding is brought to you by the Health Care Administrators Association (HCAA). Join in on the conversation with host Ramesh Kumar, CEO and Co-Founder of zakipoint Health, as he interviews key self-funding experts and dives deep into impactful topics and perspectives surrounding the self-funding industry.

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Hello Healthcare

Joined in April 2022
Consumer experiences, major disruptors, and AI tech are shaping healthcare for years to come. On Hello Healthcare, host Chris Hemphill dives deep on these issues with leaders who are driving change with the hope that their stories will drive you to demand or create a better future.

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Ambulatory Healthcare Today

Joined in May 2022
Accelerate your success with insights from a multidisciplinary team of healthcare leaders in this lively podcast series hosted by the NextGen Advisors, Ambulatory Healthcare Today. Experts in healthcare strategy, regulatory affairs, population health, patient engagement, and interoperability share ideas about how to navigate the challenges from COVID-19 and the ‘new normal’ to value-based care.

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The Digital Patient

Joined in May 2022
Rated one of the top 30 Best Digital Health Podcasts by FeedSpot, The Digital Patient takes an “edu-taining” approach to all things digital patient care. On this show hosts Dr. Joshua Liu, and Alan Sardana talk with healthcare, technology, and innovation leaders about the latest advancements in digital health, trends in digital transformation, and strategies for optimizing the patient experience.

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