Friday at Five – Lists of Five in 2022

Is five a magic number that people will click on to find out what’s on the list? Is it just the right number you think you have the time to read? I don’t know but there are lots of lists out there with 5 things you should know.

Top 5 Healthcare Tech Trends Poised for Growth in 2022
By Morris Panner, Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor (@Entrepreneur) – Healthcare trends don’t tend to go in and out like fashion. Once a great new change starts, it usually needs to develop over the course of some years, then endures. I see the following newcomer trends — a number of which gained momentum as a result of the pandemic — as likely candidates for the long run.

5 ways to strengthen our health systems for the future
The World Economic Forum’s (@wef) Health and Healthcare Platform works with stakeholders from private industry, governments, academics, civil society and patient advocates on a wide range of health issues from hepatitis and tuberculosis, to cancer and diabetes, and a number of cross-cutting initiatives. Across the breadth of these issues, we see five common themes that we believe have the potential to transform how healthcare works in the future, and ensure for stronger, more resilient health systems globally.

The Five Biggest Healthcare Tech Trends In 2022
By Bernard Marr, Contributor at Forbes (@Forbes) – Wherever we look in the healthcare industry, we can find new technology being used to fight illness, develop new vaccines and medicines, and help people to live healthier lives. Over the last two years, many tech companies have focused on applying their expertise to solve problems caused by the global pandemic. At the same time, many healthcare companies that would not necessarily have traditionally been considered tech companies have turned their attention to technology and its potential to transform the delivery of their products and services.

It’s clear that the pandemic has accelerated the digitization of the healthcare industry. According to the HIMSS Future of Healthcare Report, 80% of healthcare providers plan to increase investment in technology and digital solutions over the next five years. We will continue to see growth in areas including telemedicine, personalized medicine, genomics, and wearables, with organizers leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, extender reality (XR), and the internet of things (IoT) to develop and deliver new treatments and services. So here are my predictions for the five biggest trends that will impact the healthcare industry over the next 12 months:

5 Digital Health Issues to Watch at FDA in 2022
From Covington Digital Health (@CovEHealth) – As we kick off 2022, several recent developments from FDA suggest that this year could be pivotal for the Agency’s digital health priorities. From new FDA offices and artificial intelligence guidance, to FDA’s user fee commitments and must-pass legislation in Congress, this post outlines five key issues to watch in 2022 related to FDA and digital health. For all of these issues, stakeholders should be mindful of areas where digital health can help address some of the health disparities highlighted by the pandemic (e.g., ability to reach more clinical trial participants using wearables and other technologies, use of real-world evidence to better understand treatment effects in underrepresented populations, at-home software and diagnostic solutions).

The Top 5 Ways Technology Can Help the Healthcare Industry
From Top News Mag (@Topnewsmag1) – Healthcare is an industry that has a significant need for technology. Technology is continuously making advancements in the healthcare industry and improving the quality of life. Technology has made it easier for patients to access healthcare services, hospitals have evolved into on-demand, and doctors are able to reach across the world with their expertise. Some of the top ways technology can help extend the quality and accessibility of healthcare include:

5 Tips for Managing Technology in Healthcare
From Health Works Collective (@HealthCollectiv) – Technology is, for better or for worse, becoming a dominant force in healthcare. Everything from once contentious but now widely accepted electronic health records to wearables to patient portals have changed the way providers look after their patients and the way patients manage their own care in partnership with their doctors. The digitization of healthcare is a reality and one that is arguably streamlining things like patient intake, record sharing, patient tracking and treatment. Here are five ways practices and hospitals can make sure providers and patients are benefitting from new technologies without being put at risk.

Our list of 5 best CES 2022 Digital Health innovations
By Crescent Med – The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is a hotspot of all exciting new tech solutions that companies from all over the world come to show off. If you’re looking for the next trends in technology, chance is you’ll find them at CES. Digital Health innovations are receiving extra attention this year. Being tech nerds ourselves, we couldn’t help but see what exciting med-tech solutions are displayed at the Las Vegas trade show. In no particular order, here are 5 digital health companies at CES that we are most excited about.

5 Ways to Maintain Better Health Care Information Security
By Samikshan Sarkar, SelectHub (@SelectHub) – Throughout recent years, the use of technology in healthcare has become standard throughout the medical industry. With the increased use of medical software and heightened value of health care data, it’s critical to make efforts to better protect patient information. While security has always been one of the larger concerns regarding health care information technology, great strides have been made as of late to tighten up the protection of important data. Throughout this article, we’ll dive deeper into the importance of preserving health care information security.

5 Healthcare Marketing Strategies You Can’t Ignore in 2022
From the Invideo blog (@InVideoOfficial) – Healthcare marketing is the process of developing communication strategies in order to reach new patients and improve patient care. An open line of communication between patients and healthcare providers starts with delivering valuable content and resources through websites, social media accounts, paid advertising, SEO, and more. Video is another key tool to building a strong online presence for your business in the healthcare industry and that is something you can easily take care of with the help of an intuitive video editing tool such as InVideo.

5 Twitter Marketing Ideas to Implement in the New Year
By Madalyn Sklar (@MadalynSklar) – With Twitter seeing a steady increase in users over the past year, it’s the perfect time for brands to start taking Twitter more seriously. After all, with so many new features, the platform has a lot to offer and various ways to create new and exciting content. In this post, you’ll learn five Twitter marketing ideas that will help you get noticed on the platform in the year ahead.