Friday at Five: Jim and Roberta at HIMSS22

After four days in Orlando at the annual HIMSS conference Jim and I reflected on the event.

Takeaways and Thoughts

  1. Every HIMSS there is always something that is “the buzz”. The biggest thing this year was the ONC’s announcement of TEFCA.
  2. While the ONC sessions were all well attended and the Interoperability Showcase was talking TECFA, not so much in the vendor booths. In fact we found only a few booths that even knew what is was.
  3. Where were all the blockchain Apps promised 3 years ago when that was all “the buzz?” Remember the entire forum centered around it?
  4. Even though the attendance was half the size of pre-COVID days, vendors were for the most part happy with the engage they were getting in their booths.
  5. It was hard to find anything really new.

Error and Omissions

  1. The Daily Paper – we asked but no one knew why they didn’t greet us with one every morning. Are they gone forever?
  2. Political Keynote – I guess they couldn’t get 2 people from either side of the aisle to share a stage with each other.
  3. COVID, the pandemic, how technology will help us do better next time – Nope every one is just sick of it and there is no COVID in Florida anyway, apparently never was.
  4. Where were all the executives? – The booths for the majority were staffed by sales people.
  5. Where was “Re-imagining Health?” (see #5 in takeaways)


Has the time come for swag to go away? That said it was in full force. Here are highlights.

SecZetta provides third-party identity lifecycle management solutions that are easy-to-use, and purpose-built to help organizations automate risk-based identity lifecycle management processes for non-employee populations.

Reputation – turns your customer feedback into your competitive advantage.

ixlayer powers accessible and affordable health testing programs for healthcare leaders, trusted brands, and essential service organizations across industries.

Snowflake – Where your data cloud experience begins: one platform, many workloads, no data silos.

Dr. First – on a mission to unite the Healthiverse with revolutionary products and services that close the gaps between information and people so that all sectors in healthcare can create better outcomes together.