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By Dr. Nick van Terheyden aka Dr. Nick
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On this episode I spoke to Pranay Kapadia (@pranayk), Founder and CEO of Notable (@notablehealth) a company that is taking the adjacent possible from the finance (Intuit and Turbotax) and mortgage world of customer service and bringing the technology to bear on the beleaguered healthcare system.

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Scars and Skills

As he described it he has taken the scars and skills from these industries and complex interactions that have much in common with healthcare and applied the learning to improve healthcare. As he describes the shocking statistic that more than half of calls made into healthcare are about scheduling, and that does not take any account of the outbound calls that are not tracked.

You can read all about their announcement from HIMSS “Intelligent Scheduling from Notable Aims to Eliminate Call Centers From the Health System” that takes on the challenge not just of inbound calling but the much more complex follow up and coordination especially with specialty care.

As I shared my own personal experience was filled with frustration as I tried to schedule an investigation only to be sent a message that my long awaited appointment had been cancelled because my pre-authorization had not been received. This is the kid of problem Notable is solving for proactively and automatically reaching out to patients to ensure appropriate appointments are scheduled, matched to the right clinician for that patient and their needs.

War on Call Centers

Listen in to hear how their approach tackles the entirety of the continuum of care from the first time you actually look for care and need to actually see your provider all the way through proactively monitoring follow up appointments, investigations, test and insurance authorizations. As you will hear Notable sees the days of the call centers for healthcare as a piece of history to be replaced by intelligent technology that makes for a better friction free experience.

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