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Earlier this month President Obama talked about the importance of opening government data to the American people, so entrepreneurs and business owners can use those troves of information to create jobs and solve problems that government can’t solve by itself. It was part of his remarks presenting his new management agenda. He spoke of his experiences of being a part of the most modern and effective political campaign we have seen. He spoke of how he and his administration have worked hard to bring technology change like that of his campaign to the federal government. He created the position and appointed the first Chief Technology Officer to the US. Today we have both a CTO and a Chief Information Officer in Todd Park and Steve Van Roekel. They are taking on the tasks of leading their teams to “innovate and apply the best technology to help solve some of our biggest challenges from creating jobs to reducing health care costs to keeping our nation secure.” You can see their work coming to life on Data.Gov.

As a result of the Executive Order on Making Open and Machine Readable the New Default for Government Information, for the first time in history, the government is now making data available on the Internet for free. You can find this data on the demonstration site and newly designed Next.Data.Gov. On the site you will find more than 75,000 data sets that you can search using a powerful search engine which is open source and scalable. It is using the newest in technology and built on two of the most active open source projects, WordPress and CKAN. Because of the current dependency on Data.gov for critical functions, Data.gov will be maintained in its current form and will remain fully accessible while the Data.gov team continues to iterate and improve upon Next.Data.Gov. Going forward, expect regular design and software updates. This is a demonstration site and they are requesting your feed by on Twitter @ProjectOpenData or Quora.

Here is what you can explore on Next.Data.Gov under health:

  • Latest News – catch up on the latest news feed.
  • Data – search health category data sets
  • Medicare – search Medicare data sets
  • Medicaid – search Medicaid data sets
  • EPI – search epidemiology data sets
  • Treatments – search treatments data sets
  • Population – search population data sets
  • Costs – search costs data sets