Educational Programs on Meaningful Use and Health IT

Internet Radio Programs on Meaningful Use, Health IT and more

Steve Jobs was quoted in the Walter Isaacson’s biography as saying “People who know what they’re talking about don’t need PowerPoints”. There are, of course, a lot of industry experts who very much know what they are talking about and use power points every day.  A power point presentation is the tool of choice for seminars, presentations and webinars.  Still, we understand Jobs point here: there is something very engaging about just sitting back and listening to a person naturally discuss a topic they are passionate about, knowledgeable about or, ideally, both.

When we debuted our MU Live! last summer the concept was simple – invite the health IT community to hear what experts in the industry had to say for 30 minutes about meaningful use. The program was run through Webex with just a couple of slides to introduce the topic for the show before we began our interview. We were doing our best to mimic a talk radio interview format. Those joining the session were a little surprised at first at the process; some who couldn’t make it would email us and ask us for a copy of the slide deck. Three or four slides hardly constituted a “deck”.  Eventually, though, the program caught on and we transitioned MU Live! to the real world of internet radio in February at HIMSS 2012 in Las Vegas. And we didn’t stop there.

HITECH Answers now produces a line up of four internet radio programs on Health IT that air on For any of our shows you can sign up to receive notification on how and when to listen in, how to ask questions of our guests and get a reminder email the morning of each show. You can also choose to just mark your calendar and tune in at the scheduled time.  In addition to these four shows we also air podcasts of presentations and speeches from HHS, daily audio posts from our HITECH Answers blog and audio recordings of some of our educational e-learning webinars.

Here’s a rundown of the four programs we are currently producing:

MU Live! is hosted by HITECH Answers. Leading experts in Health IT are interviewed each week at 2 pm Eastern/1 pm Central. On our next show we interview Brian Ahier who joins us to discuss health information exchange in Stage 2. This show will be guest hosted by Tom Sullivan, Editor of Government Health IT. Learn more about this program here.
The EHR Zone is hosted by Ron Sterling, a leading EHR implementation expert and author of the HIMSS book of the year, Keys to EMR/EHR Success. Each week listeners hear Ron’s expert voice give guidance, provide insight and answer questions on implementation, meaningful use, HIPAA and more. The show airs every Wednesday at 4 pm Eastern/3 pm Central. Learn more about this program here.
  The Healthcare Compass with Dan Munro. This show is hosted by Dan Munro, a Contributing Editor at Forbes. The show looks at emerging trends and innovations in the health information technology sector with the topic based on Dan’s most recent column. The show airs every Thursday at 3 pm Eastern/2 pm Central.  Learn more about this program here.
  Voice of the Doctor is a new show hosted by Dr. Nick van Terheyden, CMIO for Nuance and respected blogger. The show looks at healthcare from the perspective of a clinician. This show is closest to traditional talk radio with Dr. Nick bringing guests on the show to discuss and debate the latest topics impacting healthcare delivery. The show airs every Friday at 2:30 Eastern/1:30 Central. Learn more about this program here.

For a complete schedule and program listings, visit for details.