Designing for Health: Interview with Dr. Archana Tedone

It’s no surprise that nurses bear some of the biggest burdens in our healthcare system. Heavy workloads, time pressures, and high stress are leading to dramatically increased levels of burnout and turnover, with these effects trickling down to patient outcomes. How can their everyday tools, processes, and workflows be better designed with their needs in mind, while cutting down on red tape, freeing up time, and ultimately easing their burden?

In this episode of the In Network podcast feature Designing for Health, organizational psychologist and assistant professor at the University of Baltimore Dr. Archana Tedone sits down with Nordic Chief Medical Officer Dr. Craig Joseph and Head of Thought Leadership Dr. Jerome Pagani. She discusses her views on psychological safety and the link between worker stress and patient outcomes, the unseen emotional labor carried by healthcare workers, and how critical user buy-in is when implementing new practices.

You can find complete show notes on the originally published article on Nordic’s blog.

Meet the Hosts

Jerome Pagani, PhD

Head of Thought Leadership
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Craig Joseph, MD

Chief Medical Officer
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About the Show

When it comes to how healthcare works in the U.S., one wonders, who designed it? Well, no one. And that’s the problem. Dr. Craig Joseph and Dr. Jerome Pagani speak with luminaries from across the health ecosystem about how to make healthcare work for humans. The upshot? The way out of the frustrating, expensive, and frequently ineffective quagmire of the U.S. healthcare system is to take a step back and bring intentional, human-centered design to an ecosystem that works for the people giving and receiving care.

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