Designing for Health: Interview with Diana Anderson, MD

Architecture in healthcare plays a pivotal role in shaping patient experiences and outcomes, extending far beyond mere aesthetics. Thoughtfully designed healthcare facilities optimize patient flow, enhance accessibility, and foster healing environments conducive to recovery. This isn’t based on mere conjecture, either; a plethora of peer-reviewed research has shown the significant effect evidence-based design can and does have on patients and their well-being. With this research readily available, industry leaders should consider leaning on health architects and other experts to prevent undue harm and promote health and wellness.

On this episode of In Network’s Designing for Health podcast feature, Nordic Chief Medical Officer Craig Joseph, MD, talks with triple board-certified physician and architect Diana Anderson, MD. They discuss her background in design and architecture, her transition into the healthcare industry, and where her expertise in both has intersected. They also discuss the importance of user feedback in healthcare design, the challenges of creating staff spaces that promote wellness, and the need for evidence-based design at every level.

You can find complete show notes on the originally published article on Nordic’s blog.

Meet the Host

Craig Joseph, MD

Chief Medical Officer
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Dr. Joseph is the Chief Medical Officer of Nordic Consulting Partners, a global healthcare management consulting firm. Craig has 30 years of healthcare and IT experience. In addition to practicing medicine as a primary care pediatrician for eight years, he worked for Epic for six-plus years and has served as chief medical information officer at multiple healthcare organizations, using both Cerner and Epic.

Craig is a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics and American Medical Informatics Association. He remains actively board-certified in both pediatrics and clinical informatics.

About the Show

When it comes to how healthcare works in the U.S., one wonders, who designed it? Well, no one. And that’s the problem. Dr. Craig Joseph speaks with luminaries from across the health ecosystem about how to make healthcare work for humans. The upshot? The way out of the frustrating, expensive, and frequently ineffective quagmire of the U.S. healthcare system is to take a step back and bring intentional, human-centered design to an ecosystem that works for the people giving and receiving care.

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