Dell Services Named Founding Healthcare IT Partner for the Innovation Institute

innovationinstThe Innovation Institute has announced that Dell Services, a division of Dell Inc., has agreed to become the founding health care information technology partner of the Institute’s Innovation Lab in Newport Beach, California.

The Innovation Institute is an independent, for-profit LLC owned by non-profit health systems to advance innovation in healthcare. Involves a collaborative of physicians, health care plan providers, employees and business partners to encourage innovation. Its Innovation Lab nurtures inventors’ ideas for medical products and solutions and brings them into the healthcare marketplace.

Computer technology giant Dell will collaborate with The Innovation Institute on several pilot programs, including cloud-based healthcare analytics for better decision making, deepening patient engagement and leveraging the Dell Internet of Things to enhance cloud-based data transfer.

Sid Nair, Vice President and Global General Manager at Dell Services, says, “Investing in innovation enables us to build solutions that address the needs of the rapidly changing health care market. Working with The Innovation Institute gives Dell access to its members’ expertise, which will help us mature our capabilities and ultimately create better outcomes for our customers and the industry as a whole.” Joe Randolph, Innovation Institute President and CEO, adds “Dell has an impressive track record as the global leader in health care technology. When we combine our resources with Dell’s, I believe that together we’ll develop information technology breakthroughs that are needed to more care delivery forward.”

For more information visit their websites, The Innovation Institute and Dell Services. Follow them on Twitter @DellServices.