Delaware State Health Information Exchange

Spotlight on State Exchange: Delaware Health Information Network

In true fashion of becoming the first State in the union in 1787, Delaware opens the firs statewide HIE 220 years later. The Delaware Health Information Network (DHIN) was enacted by the Delaware General Assembly in 1997 as a public-private partnership for the benefit of all citizens of Delaware to advance the creation of a statewide health information network and to address Delaware’s needs for timely, reliable and relevant health care information.The Delaware Health Information Network’s objective is to advance the creation of a statewide health information network that addresses the state’s needs for timely, reliable and relevant health care information. The DHIN has 100% of Delaware’s acute care hospitals participating, 100% of Delaware’s long term care and skilled nursing facilities participating, and approaching 100% of medical providers who have enrolled and are participating.

Members of DHIN have access to:

  •  A searchable patient clinical history (including medication) available to authorized DHIN users on a “need to know” basis
  • A web-based portal for those without an electronic health record (EHR), including auto-print functionality for paper charting
  • A direct interface into the EHR with patient record-matching for those providers with DHIN certified EHRs

Organizational Documents

Latest News- DHIN Becomes the Nation’s First Statewide Health Information Exchange With 100% Acute Care Hospitals Delivering Results.In May, when Nanticoke Memorial Hospital (NMH) began posting its patient reports and test results to the Delaware Health Information Network, it was a “first” not only for the organization, but for the nation. With those first key strokes, DHIN became the first health information exchange in the country to have all acute care hospitals in its state delivering medical results to its statewide network. Read the complete article.

Organization Profile:

State: Delaware
Name: DHIN – Delaware Health Information Network
Established: 2007
Provider Information: Resources
Social Media: @DHIN_HIE, LinkedIn, Facebook