Day 7: We are Swimming with the Tweeters

On the 7th Day of our 12 Days of Christmas Posts we turn to Twitter. What would our year have looked like without Twitter? Our version of an alternate ending to It’s a Wonderful Life? Thankfully, our health information technology universe is just as it is, in part due to this list of great Tweeters. They kept us informed, engaged, and often amused throughout the year.

Follow me where I go…
And as another song goes, You are nobody til somebody follows you… (Or the current interpretation of the song!). To all our loyal followers, we would be nothing without your retweets and mentions. Here are just a few we can always count on for sure, that’s what followers are for (is that a song too?):

  1. Gregg Masters – Digital media architect & producer, Host of PopHealth Week,  follow him on @2healthguru
  2. Justin Barnes – Strategist. Board Advisor. Speaker. Host of This Just In, follow him on @HITAdvisor
  3. Fred Goldstein – President & Founder – Accountable Health, LLC, Host of PopHealth Week,  follow him on @fsgoldstein
  4. Jen Dennard – Industry blogger and #healthITchicks founder, follow her on @JennDennard
  5. Mandi Bishop – Healthcare Industry Analyst, follower her on @MandiBPro
  6. Planet HIPAA – Helping all become HIPAA compliant – follow them on @PlanetHIPAA
  7. Anshu B. Jindal – Healthcare IT Entrepreneur, COO – My MIPS Score, follow her on @AnshuBJindal


Are you subscribed to any Twitter lists? Here are some worthy of a mention:

  1. On @HCNOWradio our Station Favorites list.
  2. On @HealthITAnswers – our Contributors list.
  3. On @RCMAnswers – our RCM and Medical Billing list.
  4. On @kpsymposia their Healthcare Influencers list.
  5. On @ShimCode Steve’s Healthcare Marketing list.
  6. On @JennDennard Jenn’s #HealthITchicks list.
  7. On @mssoftware for a break from the day and for animal lovers, Roberta’s Animal Watch list.