Day 5: Shout Out to Our HealthcareNOW Radio and Podcast Sponsors

On Day 5 of our 12 Days of Christmas Posts we want to recognize the sponsors of some of our HealthcareNow Radio shows and podcast series. Without the support and dedication of our sponsors, HealthcareNOW Radio would not be able to provide our listeners with relative, around the clock episodes about the various health IT topics being discussed today.

Shout Out to our 5 Radio Show Sponsors

Mirick O’Connell
Healthcare de Jure and sponsor, Mirick O’Connell have been with HealthcareNOW Radio since April 2016. Healthcare de Jure host Matt Fisher (@Matt_R_Fisher) is a Partner with Mirick O’Connell, chair of the firm’s Health Law Group and a member of the firm’s Business Group. Matt focuses his practice on health law and all areas of corporate transactions. Matt’s health law practice includes advising clients on complying with requirements of HIPAA, the Stark Law, the Anti-Kickback Statute, and other regulations in the context of daily operations, contractual arrangements, and relationships.

InstaMed (@InstaMed), the sponsor of Payment Matters since February 2018, powers a better healthcare payments experience on one platform that connects consumers, providers and payers for every healthcare payment transaction. InstaMed’s patented, private cloud-based technology securely transforms healthcare payments by driving electronic transactions, moving money and healthcare data seamlessly and improving consumer satisfaction. Each week on Payment Matters, Senior Vice President of Product Management at InstaMed Jeff Lin chats with industry experts and thought leaders on the latest trends, regulations, and innovations impacting the healthcare payments landscape.

Community Health Center, Inc.
Conversations on Health Care, a radio show about reform and innovation in the health care system, is recorded at WESU at Wesleyan University, and is underwritten by Community Health Center, Inc. Each week, hosts Mark Masselli, Founder, President and CEO, and Margaret Flinter, Senior Vice President and Clinical Director, interview a thought leader from the realm of health policy, health innovation, health technology and global health.

One of our newer shows, Talkin’ Telehealth comes to us courtesy of Rhinogram (@rhinogram), a leader in HIPAA-compliant telehealth communications – enabling a better patient experience by making remote healthcare possible, simplifying communication and minimizing office interruptions with its real-time, text-based patient engagement platform. Kathy Ford, President and Chief Product Officer at Rhinogram, and Erika Grau, Rhinogram’s Director of Marketing, are the Talkin’ Telehealth’s co-hosts.

Long before cloud solutions were widely adopted in the healthcare industry, Virsys12 (@Virsys12) was transforming the business of healthcare with Salesforce. Virsys12 is a leading Salesforce AppExchange, Heroku and Gold Consulting Partner focused on healthcare innovation nationally. As a sponsor, Virsys12 is showcasing leaders at companies who understand that the right technology, people and processes can lead to phenomenal transformation within healthcare in How I Transformed This, hosted by Clark Buckner, along with Virsys12 CEO and founder, Tammy Hawes.

Can’t Forget Our Podcast Sponsors

Orion Health
Orion Health (@OrionHealth) is a health technology company that provides solutions which enable healthcare to over 100 million patients in more than 20 countries. On Orion’s podcast, Chief Among Friends, your host, Dr. Chris Hobson, the Chief Medical Officer of Orion Health chats about topics ranging from technology priorities to new innovations in integrated and coordinate care to healthcare sustainability.

P3 Inbound
What does your practice need? P3 Inbound (@p3Inbound) offers a variety of online marketing services to meet the needs of your practice. They can help you with marketing plans designed to meet your specific business needs. Take control of your practice with online marketing solutions to help you attract new patients, increase procedure volume, and grow your practice. Each week on P3 Inbound’s podcast, Paradigm Shift of Healthcare, the trio of Michael Roberts, Scott Zeitzer, and Jared Johnson bring you the people and ideas that are changing the way we address our health. If you’re looking for amazing stories from providers and thought leaders who are changing patient care, this is the podcast for you.

Day Health Strategies
Day Health Strategies (@DayHealthStrat) is a Boston-based, mission-driven healthcare consulting firm specializing in providing timely and effective solutions to complex problems in healthcare. With a broad range of experience in both non-profit and for-profit settings across the United States, Day Health Strategies possesses deep understanding and expertise in health policy implementation, strategic planning, organizational and operational design, and performance management. Join Day Health Strategies for Unlocking Accountable Care as they discuss how to improve access, quality, equity and cost within the U.S. healthcare system with thought leaders in academia, research, and healthcare delivery.

GTMRx Institute
Voices of Change is sponsored by the Get the Medications Right (GTMRx) Institute (@GTMRxInstitute). The GTMRx Institute is a catalyst for change that brings critical stakeholders together, bound by the urgent need to get the medications right. GTMRx Institute is comprised of physicians, pharmacists, health IT innovators, drug and diagnostics companies, consumer groups, employers, payers and health systems—aligned to save lives and save money through comprehensive medication management.

eFax Corporate
eFax Corporate (@eFaxCorporate) is the world’s leading online fax solution, with more than 11 million customers worldwide. The digital fax solution for corporate customers replaces antiquated analog fax machines and paper-based faxing with an interoperable online document transfer service that is highly secure. Recently, eFax sponsored a limited series podcast, Mr. Fax Goes to Washington which followed John Nebergall on his journey to Washington and his meetings to discuss and educate why they should not leave digital fax technology out of future accepted means of interoperability for providers exchanging health information.