Day 4: Healthcare NOW Radio is Four Years Old

number4-red-200First Time Caller – Long time listener…

Day 4 of our 12 Days of Christmas Posts has us tuning and calling in to our favorite radio shows this year. It is hard to believe we have been broadcasting on for four years now! With 62,293 listeners and 22,207 hours heard, we continue to broadcast 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, all health IT talk. If you haven’t tuned in yet, do yourself a favor and rediscover radio in 2016.

We are proud to bring attention to our 4 newest additions to the station this year. Tune in weekdays to hear these terrific programs.

HIPAA_Chat-200x200Sponsored by eFax
Weekdays at 12:00 noon ET and rebroadcasts at 1am and 7pm ET.

HIPAA Chat with your host Steve Spearman is a monthly program that is prerecorded with a live audience asking questions. Hear Steve answer your questions on what practices and hospitals should know about HIPAA/HITECH Act Compliance, Meaningful Use and Security Risk Analysis, Meaningful Use Attestation, and more. Along with Steve he has regular industry expert guests like Lee Kim from HIMSS, healthcare attorney Matt Fisher, and Michael Flavin from the show’s sponsor eFax Corporate.

Check out the archives and download or listen on demand.

Weekdays at 2:30 ET and rebroadcasts at 6:30am, 2:30pm and 10:30pm ET.

This Just In with your host, Justin Barnes, aka the @HITAdvisor, is a weekly show where he takes on the latest trends in healthcare, innovation, policy and strategy with seasoned industry experts as well as up and coming new comers. Carve out a half hour a week to see what he and his guests are up to and talking about, you will be glad you did.

Haven’t heard This Just In yet? We suggest you start with these on demand:

ABC_MIPS-200Sponsored by SA Ignite
Weekdays at 4:00 pm ET and rebroadcasts at 8:00am, and 4:00pm and 12:00 am ET

ABCs of MIPS is brought to you by HITECH Answers with experts Tom Lee and Beth Houck of SA Ignite which debuted in June. Each month you will hear the current and future state of merit based provider payment systems. Hear Tom and Beth answer audience questions as the MIPS program unfolds and rules are developed and issued.

Check out the prerecorded shows.


Newest Syndication

Weekdays at 4:30 pm ET and rebroadcasts at 8:30am, and 4:30pm and 12:30 am ET

Our newest syndication is PopHealth Week (@PopHealthWeek) is brought to you by Health Innovation Media and discusses population health strategies for provides with your hosts Gregg Masters and Fred Goldstein.

A special thanks to Gregg and Fred for permission to add this terrific show to our every growing station.