Day 10: Leaping Feet First into ICD-10

number10-red-200This is Day 10 of our 12 Days of Christmas Posts. When you think of “10” this year you can only think of ICD-10. I’m not sure which Lords were leaping over this but it finally did happen. On October 1, 2015 health systems across the country transitioned to the International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision – ICD-10. This change enables providers to capture more details about the health status of their patients to improve patient care and public health surveillance. For the most updated CMS information keep the Provider Resources page bookmarked.

We followed the issue on RCM Answers and HITECH Answers this year. From last year’s delay to the this year’s transition, we watched as the biggest billing change in over 30 years became reality.

Twitter Hashtags
The most active hashtags to follow for ICD-10 are:

The Coalition for ICD-10
If we weren’t getting guidance from CMS on the subject we were hearing what the industry was saying from The Coalition for ICD-10. This broad-based healthcare industry advocacy group of hospitals, health plans, hospital and physician office coding experts, vendors, and the health information technology (HIT) community united in support of the U.S. adoption of the ICD-10 coding standard. The Coalition for ICD-10 promotes the critical importance of ICD-10 to improving quality measurement, public health surveillance, clinical research, and healthcare payment through research, education, advocacy, and mobilization.

Transition Update
One month after the deadline, CMS reported monitoring the transition and reported that claims proceeded normally and issued a press release on statistics. And for more up to date news on the transition refer to the ICD-10 Lastest News page.