Day 1 – Let Our 12 Days of Christmas Posts Begin!


Today marks the start of our annual line up of 12 Days of Christmas Posts. From now through December 25th we’ll be featuring all of our favorite things that made 2016 so meaningful and special to us and to the world of health IT.

As always, we begin Day 1 with a holiday tradition of ours — our annual Jib Jab video.

Check out Roberta Mullin, Liz Hernandez, Annmarie Budniak, Sarianne Gruber, and yours truly as we try to outrun a snowman gone amok.

And here’s what we’ve got in store over the next 11 days.

Day 2: Our most popular product and guides in 2016.
Day 3: Three thought leaders that made our year, and us, brighter.
Day 4: Trump-eting (get it?) a year of Tweeting Birds.
Day 5: What golden health IT gadgets will we find under the tree this year?
Day 6: A look back at our radio pundits, Justin Barnes and Matt Fisher.
Day 7: 2016 at the Movies, with a Health IT spin of course.
Day 8: We’re making a list of lists and checking it twice.
Day 9: Women and Health IT.
Day 10: Our top 10 most read posts of the year.
Day 11: Things we had to share from HealthcareNOWradio.
Day 12: Quotes from industry experts for what to expect in 2017.