Conversational AI for Healthcare

By Dr. Nick van Terheyden aka Dr. Nick
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Host of Dr. Nick: The Incrementalist#TheIncrementalist

On this episode I talked to Chip Steiner, Product Manager Healthcare Practice for Chip has been bringing speech enablement to healthcare for a long time and in the very early days managed to get the Director of The Fantastic Voyage, Richard Fleischer to lecture to his team.

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We talk about the history of speech enablement and dive into some of the tools and techniques that are making this technology increasingly close to working the way we see it presented in Hollywood. One of those areas includes a consensus-style model of AI that uses 3 different engines to reach the best conclusion on what is meant in a conversation which reminds me of the precog, Agatha Lively from Minority Report.

Listen in to hear our discussion where we see progress in healthcare and what the future opportunity is for using this technology.

This article was originally published on the Dr. Nick – The Incrementalist blog and is republished here with permission.

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