Healthcare Revenue Cycle and Finance

Dispatch from China

By John Halamka MD – The first part of this week I have been in China – Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Xuzhou as part of a Harvard Medical School program to help the Chinese create a learning healthcare system while they build 1000 new hospitals and train 300,000 new primary care givers.

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How Healthy are Health-Related Apps

By Sarianne Gruber – In their most recent white paper, Assessing mHealth Apps in the Digital Health Maturity Index, Mobiquity, Inc., a mobile engagement provider, wanted to know which mobile health (mHealth) apps are working, which apps are not and what does it take for a health app to keep a head of the competition.

Predictive Modeling Can Detect Meaningful Correlations across Claims Denials Data

By Paul Bradley – The reasons claims are denied are so varied that managing denials can feel like chasing a thousand different tails. This situation is not surprising given that a hypothetical denial rate of just 5 percent translates to tens of thousands of denied claims per year for large hospitals—where real-world denial rates often range from 12 to 22 percent.

Health Care’s Evolutionary Missing Link: Disruptive Entrepreneurship

By Sarianne Gruber – In his paper Disruptive Entrepreneurship is Transforming U.S. Health Care, Jonathan Rauch metaphorically and warmly refers to today’s entrepreneurs as “health care’s mammals”. A Senior Fellow with the Governance Studies at the Brookings Institution, Rauch envisions health providers, insurers and other health-related institutions as saurians, lizard like dinosaurs that once roamed the earth.