Regulatory Issues

ONC Announces New Synthetic Health Data Challenge

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology announced the launch of the Synthetic Health Data Challenge. Synthetic health data is realistic (but not real) health record data that contains a complete medical history from birth to death.

Global Partnership Leads the Way to Advance Digital Health

By Don Rucker – Across the globe, countries are making significant investments and advancements to promote the movement of electronic health information. Global health IT leaders are working collaboratively to develop, implement, and share best practices with other nations about projects that advance key elements of digital health.

Monday Morning Rounds with CMS

In case you missed it, this is recent communication from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Subscribe to their email lists to keep up to date on all press and news releases.

Defining the New AHRQ: A Race for 21st Century Care

By Gopal Khanna MBA – What does a digital revolution mean for patient health? How will investments in data and technology transform the way healthcare is delivered in the United States? What new research and scientific evidence do we need to improve the delivery of care?

Labs on FHIR: Sharing Genetic Test Results

By Allison Dennis, Kevin Chaney, Tracy Okubo & Teresa Zayas Cabán – The use of genetic testing is becoming increasingly routine in patient care. For example, tests are available to check newborns for genetic disorders, screen would-be parents for carrier status, inform cancer care, and evaluate potential pharmacogenetic associations.