Regulatory Issues

Information Blocking and the President’s FY23 Budget for ONC

By Steven Posnack MS MHS – While the federal government’s budget planning processes may have a certain mystique to them, some interesting tidbits are always in federal agency budgets if you know where to look. Fear not, because this blog post highlights a new legislative proposal associated with information blocking that’s been put forward by the Biden-Harris Administration for HHS.

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Prioritizing Medication Adherence Benefits Everyone

By Shelley Davis MSN RNC CCM – 80% of American adults enrolled in Medicare are prescribed at least one daily maintenance medication. With the vast majority of Medicare patients dependent on some type of prescription, and with 70% of the same population diagnosed with two or more chronic conditions, medication adherence is vitally important, now more than ever.

Marching Forward: The Path to Operationalize TEFCA

By Elise Sweeney Anthony, Liz Palena Hall, & Mariann Yeager – On January 18, the ONC and the TEFCA Recognized Coordinating Entity, The Sequoia Project, released the Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement. The next key step for TEFCA is the release of resources to advance its operationalization, such as standard operating procedures.

The STAR HIE Program Shines

By Larry Jessup, Laverne Perlie, Daisy Moossa, & Terah Tessier – The Strengthening the Technical Advancement & Readiness of Public Health via Health Information Exchange Program (The STAR HIE Program) has made great strides in supporting public health agencies’ ability to exchange health information during times of emergency.

CommonWell TV 2022: Because of Interop by 2030

During CommonWell TV 2022, they took a page from the U.S. Health & Human Services Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT and asked their members to speculate on the future of interoperability by asking them to finish this statement: Because of interop, by 2030…