Positioning ICD-10 for Physician Preparedness

By Sarianne Gruber – Just last week we were hearing rumblings from Congress that there could be a delay in the ICD-10 compliance date, similar to last year when in was moved to October 1, 2015. Bill and I had scheduled some time on Friday to catch up, and I was anxious to hear his perspective.

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Is Your Small Practice Ready for ICD-10?

By Kathryn Disney-Etienne – It’s 193 days to ICD-10 and to be honest, that’s not much time! It’s time to get your practice ready to use ICD-10, but where do you begin? There’s no question it can be overwhelming! Here’s the steps we recommend to any Providers that ask. Let’s get started.

Will Your Outpatient Physician Orders Be Compliant by the ICD-10 Deadline?

By Yvonne Dawdy – Imagine waking up on October 1, 2015 to thousands of non-compliant outpatient physician orders simply because they do not contain an ICD-10 code, are still using ICD-9 codes, or involve a handwritten diagnosis with no associated code. Unfortunately, this is a challenge that many healthcare organizations will encounter after the ICD-10 deadline if action is not taken immediately.

Ebola Epidemic Highlights the Need for ICD-10

By Adam Lokeh & Kathy Lindstrom – When the first U.S. Ebola patient was admitted to a Dallas hospital in the summer of 2014, the ensuing media firestorm scrutinized nearly every aspect of the U.S. healthcare system’s readiness to deal with an epidemic that had already left thousands dead and dying overseas.

WEDI Issues ICD-10 Readiness Survey

WEDI is conducting an ICD-10 readiness survey to determine progress towards the Oct. 1, 2015 deadline.The survey is timely given the House subcommittee hearing last Wednesday where lawmakers generally agreed ICD-10 should not be delayed.

Preparing for ICD-10

By Ric Sinclair – ICD-10 is often described in scary terms—a potential disaster, a perfect storm, an angry attacker bent on destroying your practice. OK, maybe not that last one. But as you ready your organization for ICD-10, consider applying some of the principles of Krav Maga.