Calling for Giving on the 4th Day 2014

4birds2Four Calling Birds…

Day 4 of our 12 Days of Christmas Posts has us calling out for the true meaning of the season – Giving. The newest in health technology, innovation, and patient engagement is now taking to crowd funding to get that start they believe will make them successful. You can find projects on Fundable and MedStartr sites.

Here are four projects to get you started on the search for helping the next rising star.

  1. The Walking Gallery Center for Arts and Healing
    A project initiated by Regina Holliday (@ReginaHolliday) for funding an art center. This center will help the local community explore their personal health goals and artistic selves as well as create a space for those seeking to reignite their passion for positive change in health care. The long term goal is to see this center and its programs become a destination for retreats and conferences focused innovative thought on the intersection of art, health and technology.
  2. EZ Health Access
    EZHealthAccess has recognized the need for a shift in healthcare control from the hospitals to the patients themselves. In giving more power to the consumer, we have created an online portal that provides a free, convenient and pioneering solution to every immediate and long term health need you may have.
  3. SALIENTvoice
    SALIENTvoice extracts important information from dictated notes in real-time, automatically populating structured fields into the physician’s existing EHR necessary for regulatory (i.e. Meaningful Use) and payment guidelines (i.e. establishing Medical Necessity for Physician services for reimbursement), and finds relevant data in the EHR within seconds across a group of records.
  4. Non Invasive Diagnostics (NIDS)
    NIDS is a non-invasive, painless, and radiation-free diagnostic device. It can be operated by an easily-trained technician in less than 15 minutes in any standard medical office setting. This ease of use creates a substantial cost-savings for both doctors and patients when compared to current diagnostic methods.

Happy Holidays.